Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It's a girl

Well, woman actually. That's right - the new Dr. Who is finally a woman!

Jodie Whitaker - who btw was terrific in Broadchurch - is the 13th Dr Who.

And to all of you who are bitching about the new Dr Who being a woman let me ask you this -

Did you bitch when the Master

regenerated to be

the Master?

If not - and I think not - why is it okay for the villain to be female but not okay for the hero to be female?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gladiolas are back

Bought these beauties at Kroger for less than 4 dollars. When I get glads like this I can make them last forever. When the bottom blooms fade, I deadhead them, cut the stems off an inch or so and soon a bloom will appear further up on the stem.

Hope something is giving you joy today!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

60 Years old today - Yikes

Really it's okay. I had a lovely day. I had to work until 3PM. I came home to my mom, my grandkids and their dogs. Everyone else had to work today.

My mom 'made' me a donut cake (per my request).

She is a beautiful mom.

She also bought me flowers.

We played Phase 10 and I won!

Then we played Yahtzee...

My granddaughter Kat won. Here she is with me and their dog, Molly.

My grandson Jay came in second. Here he is with me and their dog, Eddie.

I came in dead last.

I don't feel 60. Maybe tomorrow. When I wake up and my knees hurt for the first 5 minutes. But not today.