Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy places in my mind

I DVR Dancing With the Stars so I can watch the dances and the scores only. [Not all the judges talking - number scores only. ]

I mostly watch for Mark Ballas.

Right now when I wake up in the morning my first thoughts are how depressing my job is answering to my 2 never-on-the-same-page bosses.

I can come back from that by watching a couple of Mark and Lindsey Stirling 's dances from this season's DWTS.

The sci-fi themed Argentine tango

The Halloween themed Paso Doble

The Paso Doble is done to Lindsey Sterlings violin music. I am officially a fan. Will be adding some to my ipod next paycheck!

Beautiful. And thank you Mark. Thank you Lindsey.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

swivel recliners for conversion van

Once again thinking about van conversions. I've always thought I would end up bolting a recliner down to sleep in. Seems that may not be necessary though.

It appears they make recliners for rv's. Looks like they would work in a van conversion also.

Still just a dream....

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It's a girl

Well, woman actually. That's right - the new Dr. Who is finally a woman!

Jodie Whitaker - who btw was terrific in Broadchurch - is the 13th Dr Who.

And to all of you who are bitching about the new Dr Who being a woman let me ask you this -

Did you bitch when the Master

regenerated to be

the Master?

If not - and I think not - why is it okay for the villain to be female but not okay for the hero to be female?