Thursday, March 9, 2017

good stuff and bad stuff

Bad Stuff:

Some idiot hacked me and sent out links to Rayban. Funny cause I don't even own sunglasses. One wonders why people take the time and trouble to do such things. I don't have time enough to do so many things in my life and yet some idiot has time to do this.

Anyway - I changed every password I have on everything now. So there, idiotic person.

Good stuff:

Walking a lot in prep for the Color Run 5k I plan to walk - slowly - to the finish line - in June - with my grandkids. Gonna be fun, y'all.

Bad yet good stuff:

Discovered how to make chocolate cake in a coffee cup in the microwave. Delicious but potential for abuse.

Other good stuff:

Loving 'cognitive consonance' and the thoughts I am drilling in to my mind.

My favorite will be bleeped here so I don't get picked up by idiots looking for the one word:

I look better and better n...d every day!!!


Bad stuff:

Well, you know - the president and stuff.

Let's end on good stuff:

At least 2 of the shows I like on Netflix are coming back this month:

Next season of Better Call Saul
Next season of Grace and Frankie.

Hope y'all are having more good stuff than bad stuff.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Iris Apfel and The Minimalists

Such is the philosophy of Iris Apfel. It is not my philosophy. I am more of a minimalist. But I love her.

Funny true story: When I got my bifocals I first picked out a frame that reminded me of Iris, specifically because I love the look of her glasses. The eye doctors assistant talked me down. She said she didn't think the little town I lived in was ready for Iris Apfel (which was funny because I hadn't mentioned her up to that point.) So I toned down a bit and I think I'm probably happier.

Anywho - last week when there was nothing worth watching on tv and none of my shows have a new season on Netflix yet, I came upon a documentary about minimalism which is home to me. It was good and I will talk about it later.

Tonight - same nothing good on tv - same nothing new I want to watch on Netflix - I came across the documentary simply titled 'Iris'.

It was so good. She has been totally true to herself for 95 years now. She was married to her husband Carl for 68 years until he died in 2015.

If you have a chance - watch it. She is fascinating and endearing although I could never wear what she wears or live in her house.

So The Minimalists:

This is a documentary by and about Joshua Filburn and Ryan Nicodemis and their pursuit of minimalism.

It was also good. They took you on a book tour and on the way chronicled their lives thus far and how they got into minimalism.

Again - watch it if you have a chance.

Meanwhile they have a website. This is them:

Wonder how Joshua and Ryan would get along with Iris?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Art of Racing In the Rain by Garth Stein

I am currently in a book club called You Read Like A Girl.

Pick number one is a book written by a boy. If you have read my blog much you know, I'm not often drawn to the male voice in the books I read.

This book was easier to read than most.

If you are in the book club and you haven't finished the book, warning, I have and there will be spoilers here. (I have to review it all as it is due back to the library.)

Things I liked:

I liked the usage of the dogs point of view and enjoyed reading those parts.

I liked the introduction into the racing world.

I liked Denny's relationship with his daughter. I love fathers who are engaged in their children's lives in positive ways.

There are really nice passages in the book that are definitely truths wrapped in fiction. Like this one:

"Often things happen to race cars in the heat of the race...When faced with one of these problems, the poor driver crashes. The average driver gives up. THE GREAT DRIVERS DRIVE THROUGH THE PROBLEM. They figure out a way to continue racing....To be able to possess a machine in such a way is the ultimate show of determination and awareness. IT MAKES ONE REALIZE THAT THE PHYSICALITY OF OUR WORLD IS A BOUNDARY TO US ONLY IF OUR WILL IS WEAK; a true champion can accomplish things that a normal person would think impossible." Garth Stein

Things I didn't like:

Eve. Probably bitchy of me but I just never liked her.

The thing I hated: SPOILER ALERT:

I don't like it when books, movies, or tv use a girl or woman lying about sexual assault as part of their plots.

I know it happens in real life. But I think it is very, very rare.

What is more common is a girl or woman being assaulted, telling the truth, and not being believed. Or being too afraid to tell anyone for fear she won't be believed.

It ruined the book for me.

Feminist is a label I wear proudly and I don't like books, movies, television that make life harder for all of us in the human tribe.

I am happy that the next book we will be reading is The Wanderground by Sally Miller Gearhart. I think it will establish balance.