Monday, April 25, 2011

Romance Novels: Various genres, Author: Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle

“She was aware of the familiar thrilling frissons of certainty sparkling through all of her senses.” Wait Until Midnight by Amanda Quick

Wait a minute - didn’t we do this book already? Why yes, we did. I left out this sentence, though and I love how it reads. It serves the purpose of leading us to where we’re going today.

Jayne Ann Krentz land. She of many names - JAK aka Amanda Quick aka Jayne Castle aka Amanda Glass aka Stephanie James. I don’t know if I got them all. Currently she writes under three psuedonyms: Krentz for contemporary romance, Castle for paranormal romance and Quick for historical romance.

(Edison is meditating on a candle flame…)
     “He looked past the old truths and concentrated on searching out the flickering glow of the new one that he sensed was there.
     He watched closely for a long while. After a time he saw it flare up for an instant, just long enough for him to be certain of it. A second later it vanished back into the heart of the fire.” I Thee Wed by Amanda Quick

Don’t you love the ritual of that? It’s from Quick’s Vanza series. I love all four books; 1- With This Ring 2- I Thee Wed 3- Wicked Widow 4 - Lie By Moonlight

Just to prove to one and all how talented she is, Krentz has been writing a series that involves 3 of her psuedonyms: her Arcane Society Novels. They start out with a book called Harmony by Krentz writing as Castle:

In a world where:
“A lot of people wore amber simply because it was stylish. But some people wore it because amber was the medium that powerful para-resonators used to focus their psychic talents.”

Dust bunnies are pets:
“Fuzz’s daylight eyes were open, glowing a brilliant, innocent blue against his dull, nondescript fur. He was fully fluffed, making it impossible to see his ears or his paws. He looked like something that had just rolled out from under the bed.”

Anything can happen:
In the bright light of the flash the colors on the surface of the bottle leaped into full, pulsing life. A restless sea of light and darkness surged around the widest portion of the elegantly shaped jar. Each hue seemed to be animated by its own inner energy source. Vast depths of dazzling light and color appeared and disappeared.”

Even a romance between a disgraced Para-Archaeologist and an ex Guild boss Ghost Hunter:
“They were definitely on the same frequency, he decided. He wasn’t quite sure how the dissonance of their mutual hostility had metamorphosed so abruptly into near-violent sexual resonance, but he sure as hell was not going to analyze it right now.”

Then there are books in the series with Krentz writing as Krentz - not just contemporary romances, though - contemporary paranormal romances.

"Isabella lacked the generic perfection that made so many female movie stars and fashion models look as if they had popped out of the same mold." In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

"Friends may come and go but enemies accumulate." In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

Still other books in the series are written by Quick, and, you guessed it - not just historical romances - paranormal historical romances. The latest in the series, Quicksilver by Amanda Quick, came out April 19th, 2011.

Confused? Me too. Fortunately you don’t have to understand the methods behind Krentz/Castle/Quick’s madness to enjoy the books. Here is my attempt at a sequence for the Arcane Society novels:

Ghost Hunter series        Arcane novels                      Dreamlight Trilogy
(all by Castle)                    Second Sight by Quick            Fired Up by Krentz     
Harmony                           White Lies by Krentz               Burning Light by Quick
After Glow                        The Third Circle by Quick        Midnight Crystal by Castle
Ghost Hunter                     Running Hot by Krentz      
Silver Master                    The Perfect Poison by Quick    The Looking Glass 
Dark Light                                                                                         Trilogy
                                                                                         In Too Deep by Krentz
                                                                                         Quicksilver by Quick
                                             & coming in August of 2011 Canyons of Night
                                                                                          by Castle

I read most of these from the library. I caught up on the backlog and started to buy them at Midnight Crystal because I wanted them as soon as they came out.

I'll leave you to process the complicated awesomeness of the lady with too many names. I’m going to the mail box and see if my copy of Quicksilver has arrived yet.


  1. You have no idea how happy I am with those charts/lists!

  2. Holy moly, talk about mixed personality. I don't know that I'd ever be prolific enough to publish under that many names (assuming anyone wanted to publish me in the first place).

    You know I'm never going to remember all these books I need to read, right?

    Oh, also wanted to let you know, I received my prize! Yay! So now I have to read that, too. :)

  3. Julie - Are you reading the Arcane novels? I just got Quicksilver. Can't wait to dig in but I need to read Rebecca by du Marnier first for the gothic book club.

    Delia - Just think - next time you're at a loss for what to read (ha,ha,ha) you can come here to my blog.
    Let us know how you like Shelly's book. I know you have the convention coming up so no hurries. I need to live the convention vicariously through you, anyway.

  4. I read some of her first Quick romances back in the day, but that was it. Alas, I cannot add anything to my "to read" list as I worked 15 years in a book store and (this is literal) own around 600 unread books. But I'll just come here and enjoy your excerpts. :-)

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  6. y the way (file this under Assvice, but of the practical nature) - on my computer your blog is a little wider than the white part of your background, so your title at the top starts in the flowers instead of in the white. You might be able to fix this (if you want) by going to the design template, to adjust width, and making the width of the blog a little narrower, so that it fits within the confines green border. Just a random thought, hopefully helpful. :-) And maybe it's just me and my browser.

  7. Mabel - 600 books - goodness. When I started to write this blog I never thought about building up people's tbr list. I just wanted to talk about the things I find in books.
    I don't want to talk about books I don't like so I don't know quite how to resolve this.

    I agree about the width of the blog - it bugs me, too. I'm technically inept but I'll give your suggestion to my daughter. Maybe she can fix it.


  8. what is a para-hunter

  9. howe can I find the definition for the arcane societies members and their talants