Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mystery Novel: Visions of Sugar Plums, Author: Janet Evanovich

And the winner is.....DELIA MORAN. Shelly really liked her funny comment:

"Well, I haven't read anything in this series and I need to get started, so sign me up. Hey, do I get a better chance if I bombard you with comments? Or suck up? Because I'm not above either of those things. Just so you know.
I'm going to go fantasize about that Nick character now."

A brand new copy of No Such Thing As A Secret is winging it's way to Delia right now via Thanks everyone for participating!

From Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich:
“My name is Stephanie Plum and I’ve got a strange man in my kitchen. He appeared out of nowhere. One minute I was sipping coffee, mentally planning out my day. And then the next minute…..poof, there he was."

(This is our first introduction to six-foot, hunky, bad-boy, Diesel.)

“I inched my way across the kitchen, stuck my hand into my brown bear cookie jar and pulled out my .38 five-shot Smith & Wesson.”

(Not the reaction that I might have had to such a hunk appearing in my kitchen, but then, I don’t have a gun in my cookie jar. Just cookies. If I’m lucky.)

“Honey, there aren’t any bullets in that gun.”

(Now that does sound like a predicament I could be in. And he does sound pretty arrogant, doesn’t he?)

Evanovich writes the popular Stephanie Plum series. One a year. She also wrote 4 books called ‘Between the Numbers’ novels. Visions of Sugar Plums; Plum Lovin’; Plum Lucky; and my favorite - Plum Spooky.

From Plum Spooky:
“Sometimes you get up in the morning and you know it’s going to be one of those days. No toothpaste left in the tube, no toilet paper on the cardboard roll, hot water cuts out halfway through your shower, and someone’s left a monkey on your doorstep.”

(All the way up to that last line, her life could have been my life.)

“I’m feeling hot today,” Lula said. “I bet I could find that Munch. I bet he’s sitting home in his Underoos playing with his whatchamacallit.”

(I have some people in my life who are funny, but none of them compare to Stephanie’s best friend, Lula.)

“You’re not an Unmentionable. You don’t get the newsletter.”
“There’s a newsletter.”
Diesel gave a snort of laughter and tried to grab me, but I jumped away.
“You’re scum,” I said to him.
“I know,” Diesel said. “I can’t help myself.”

(Stephanie is gullible, in a funny, lovable way.)

“You started the car with your finger?”
“Yep. And that’s nothing. You should see what this finger can do on a G-spot.”

And always there is sexual banter and innuendo and an underlying current of sexual attraction. Evanovich has started a new series that features hunky Diesel with a different cast of characters. She plans on writing one for each of the seven deadly sins. The first, Wicked Appetite, came out last fall and it didn’t disappoint.

From Wicked Appetite:
“I turned to go back to the kitchen and slammed into over six feet of hard muscle and bad attitude. He reached out to steady me, and I sucked in some air…
He looked around. “I’m in Dazzle’s, right?”
We all nodded, taking him in. His hair was thick and dark blond, somewhere between wind-blown, just woke up, and untameable. His skin was beach bum tan. His eyebrows were fierce and darker than his hair. His eyes were brown and assessing. His posture was confident. His body language was intimidating. His boots were dusty. His jeans were on their last legs but molded nicely to all the good parts.”

(That was the first meeting between Lizzie Tucker, cupcake baker from Salem, and Diesel.)

“An Unmentionable is a human with special abilities. There’s like a brotherhood or something and a governing body.”
“I work for that governing body,” Diesel said. “I’m commissioned to pull the plug on Unmentionables who abuse their power.”
I saw this as registering high on my bull-crap-o-meter, but I was curious all the same.”

(Oh, okay, well that explains everything.)

“Too bad we aren’t collecting the Saligia charms that control lust. You’d be thinner and I’d be happier.”
The thought sent a shudder through me. I already had a lot of lust for Diesel without help from an enchanted charm. I mean, I suppose I wanted Diesel with the same intensity I wanted a jelly-donut or a Rice Krispies treat! I might cripple him.
Diesel smiled.
“You didn’t hear that, did you?” I asked him.
“No, but you were looking at me like I was a turkey dinner.”

(Lizzie and Diesel have a strong sexual attraction to each other that lends itself to comical dialogue that I enjoy very much.)

"But I need strawberry ice cream, a Dust Buster, and lots of new socks,” I told him. “Isn’t there anything you need?”
“Yes,” he said. And he pulled me to him and kissed me.”

(And in this series, the hunky blond guy and the cupcake baker may actually end up committed to each other, sort-of, we hope, maybe.)

People criticize Evanovich because she doesn’t arc or age her characters. It’s deliberate on her part. And it’s okay with me. Because when I want to sit down and escape into a book full of light-hearted enjoyment and laughter, I know what books to read.

These books are all in the library. Of course, if you’re like me, you buy them as soon as they come out because you can’t wait. In fact, if the lines weren’t so long every where she goes, I might consider stalking Janet Evanovich.


  1. WooHOOOOOO!! Happy dancing all over the place! I know you said something about Evanovich in there, but I can't remember what it was because I'm stuck on the BOOK I WON with the HOT GUY in it! (I'm sure it's about more than hot guys, but that's enough to be getting on with for now. Also, if it's not, then hey -- Hot Guys!)

    Come to Mama, Nick!

  2. She has the longest living hamster ever... :-)

  3. Dee - you will love Nick, I'm sure. And it's not just about hot guys. You will also love Brandy.

    Emjay - hehehe Rex! The thing is, I think she intends for Plum land to be a time-free zone. Maybe Ranger could be a timelord. He seems to be immortal and invincible.

  4. I love her for all those same reasons. And have read them all. (I just sort of wish there was more sex and less sexual tension, but ya know, that's just me.)

    Congratulations Delia!!!


  5. I have been wanting to read her books for ages but haven't yet because I can't seem to get hold of the first one and like Julie I have to start at the beginning.

  6. I do enjoy La Evanovich. Like you say, you know what to expect. Perfect for waiting in doctors' offices.

  7. Jule and Mabel - Have you read Wicked Appetite? I liked it as much as the Plum books. And there seems to be potential that a real relationship might develop between Diesel and the cupcake maker.

    Kris - Have you tried the library? These books are good read in order. Even if nothing else arcs - the relationship between Steph and Joe develops and Ranger matures.
    One For the Money is the first and I really liked it. The movie comes out in Jan 2012. I hope they didn't ruin it.

  8. Judy, yep, I'm all current. And (im)patiently awaiting something new.

    Kris, I get all of mine at the library.