Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mystery Novel: Moonlighting In Vermont, California Schemin', Author: Kate George

As a writer Kate George knows her way around a story and a cast of characters. She knows how to write her protagonist, Bella Bree MacGowan, as a woman with attitude:

“Oh, and you think a state trooper is going to be laid back? I don’t think so. I start dating a trooper and I’ll have every cop in the place keeping an eye on me. I do way too many stupid things to date a cop.” I could imagine being stopped for every illegal U-turn I ever made. “Shouldn’t you be investigating the scene or something instead of trying to find me a date?”

Kate writes Bree as the queen of the snappy comeback:

“…What are you doing tonight?”
“Having my brain transplanted into a different body. How ’bout you?”

Sweetly vulnerable enough to be lovable:

“I dragged myself into the house, swallowed a couple of pain pills, and took the dogs upstairs with me. I burrowed under the covers and the dogs jumped up to lie on the bed. Annie snuggled up next to me and licked the tears off my face.”


“What have I got to lose? I thought. I could go to prison tomorrow, and I would have passed up my last chance for sex.”


“I am not seeing anyone exclusively. I’m operating under the assumption that all single men are scum, and all married men are out of bounds.” I stuck my tongue out at Meg. “So that means Beau is scum, unless he was to marry me. Which he can’t, because I’m not marrying any scummy single man.”

In Moonlighting in Vermont, Kate writes a world with Bree at it’s center. She has a funny, quirky best friend and they take you with them through some fun and some harrowing adventures. She has a town full of characters for a support system. And, of course, some of them aren’t so supportive.

She uses one of my favorite ten-dollar words: discombobulated. It’s such a great word because you sound it out and you can’t help but know what it means: to throw somebody into a state of confusion. Discombobulated sounds confused.

She mentions one of my favorite movies: Enchanted April.

And she continues Bree’s world into another book that is equally good; California Schemin’. When I finished California Schemin’, I immediately e-mailed Kate to ask if there would be a third. I’m happy to say a third Bella Bree MacGowan book is in the works.

Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of reading Kate’s books can get 25% of a digital copy of California Schemin’ by using the coupon code WW94W over on Smashwords at (Formatted for all reading devices.)

Have you read these books yet? Did you know Kate George is a cherry/betty? If you haven't read them, head on over to smashwords before Friday the 15th of April.

As for me, I've read them both so I'm going to be plotting ways to get Kate to write faster!


  1. Thanks for the rave review! I feel all squishy inside now. How "Clever" of you to put all the best bits of the books into your blog... now even I want to read about Bree. But I'll take the hint and write about her instead...

  2. This is awesome!!!


  3. Glad you both like it.
    Kate you underestimate yourself when you say I used all the best bits. For every quote I used there were several equally good quotes I didn't use because I don't want to spoil the reading for others.

  4. I've only read the first so far. I'd stalk Kate for an autograph at NEC-RWA, but it's already signed. :) You may all envy me now.

  5. I have to get these books...and all the other Betty books while i'm at it.