Monday, May 2, 2011

Romance Novel: The Devil's Waltz, Author: Anne Stuart, Romance Suspense Novel: Fire and Ice, Author: Anne Stuart, Paranormal Futuristic Romance Novel: Raziel: The Fallen, Author: Kristina Douglas

She can write in the past - (historical romance novels):

“A solitary life and an unhealthy taste in literature were bound to produce fantasies that were quite improper.”

Ain’t that the truth? I'm living proof of that statement.

The protagonist, the Honorable Annelise Kempton from The Devil’s Waltz by Anne Stuart was very proper except she liked to read scandalous romance novels; like the novels written by Anne Stuart.

“Behave yourself. It belonged to your aunt.” (Annelise)
“And looking at you in it makes me feel positively incestuous.” (Christian Montcalm aka the devil.)

Snappy repartee like that is one of the things that make Anne’s books worth reading.

Another is clever things like this:

He calls her his dragon and sends her snapdragons like this one:

She calls him Priapus, who was a fertility god. Statues like this one depict him with a large, permanent erection:
Hubba hubba!!!!

She can write in the present - (contemporary romance novels):

From the Ice series by Anne Stuart; describing Reno, my favorite character who is in three of the books and is the hero in Fire and Ice:

“Of course he had to have a Harley, as well, completing the perfect bad-boy image. With the tattooed teardrops on his high cheekbones, and spiky waist-length, flame-colored hair and his long, leather-clad legs and pointy-toed cowboy boots, he was almost irresistible, despite his manners.”

From Ice Storm:

“He loved her mouth, the cold things it could say, the hot things it could do.”

Also Ice Storm mentions the music of Dragon Ash. Go here on you tube to watch them perform Viva La Revolucion live;

There are five Ice books:
1-Black Ice
2-Cold As Ice
3-Ice Blue
4-Ice Storm
5-Fire and Ice

But is dazzling us in the past and amazing us in the present enough for her? No! She changes her name to Kristina Douglas and stuns us in the future with her future paranormal romance series - The Fallen.

So far Raziel: The Fallen is out. Next will be Demon: The Fallen out on 5/31/11.

A shelf full of historical romances, contemporary romances and futuristic paranormal romances; surely that covers all of the talents of Anne Stuart aka Kristina Douglas aka Krissie, right?

Not quite. She also quilts. You can bid on one of her quilts as part of Brenda Novak’s fund raising efforts to fight diabetes if you go here:

Anne Stuart, affectionately known to her chosen sisters (Jenny Crusie and Lani Rich) as “Krissie’ is a woman of many talents.

If I bid on her quilt and won, I could snuggle under her quilt and read one of her books and I’d be a happy woman.

What would make you a happy woman? Or a happy man?


  1. a week at the beach, all by myself, in a ramshackle beach house with a front porch. a stack of books, or a loaded kindle. that'd do it.

    I just read my first Anne Stuart last month-- loved it, you've inspired me to try more!

  2. Barb -
    I enjoy reading her, too. If you like contemporary at all, that ice series is fabulous.
    Right now it's raining for the umpteenth day in a row. I might be willing to sleep on the beach just to have some sunshine for a while.

  3. Can I have the shack next to Barb's? Without the kindle though, I'm good with just that stack of books. And some snacks.

  4. Judy, Judy, JudyMay 3, 2011 at 1:23 AM

    We can get 3 shacks side by side!

  5. But I am a happy woman! Alright I'll stop being a poop and play along. I'd like Turner Classic Movies to be part of my package, and not accessible at $6 more per month. Come ON.

  6. Valid point, Mabel. I should have said happy or happier.
    Glad you're happy. Sorry about the Turner Classic Movies.

  7. I'll bring the snacks, Julie. I'm always good for snacks (sadly). I'm ashamed to admit, I've never read the great Anne Stuart, et al. I did, however, come away from the conference with Ruthless and Raziel in hand, so I aim to remedy that situation.