Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breaking my own rules...

I won’t be quoting or singing some author’s praises today. Why not? Because I’m reading a series of books that is disappointing to me and I don’t want to trash an author’s work.

First of all, do you agree with that sentiment - not trashing an author’s work? I do. And I don’t. And I do.
I do because I want to be respectful and err on the side of goodness. I don’t because if word of mouth sells books, then shouldn’t word of mouth kill bad books. And I do because what’s bad writing for me maybe just what you needed.

So why am I reading a whole series of books if they are disappointing me? Because I started reading them unfortunately and there is a character couple that I love.

And why don’t I like the series? A number of reasons; she calls them romance genre but there isn’t a HEA after each book; she needs a better editor (as opposed to a yes person who lets her ramble on for 6, 7 or 800 pages, half of which I don’t read); because I don’t trust this author.

Isn’t that a weird statement - I don’t trust this author? I never really thought in terms of that before. But now 7 books later and this author has shown that she is capable of doing truly horrible things to these characters I love and I don’t trust her to overcome her damn ego and produce a HEA for them.

Are there authors you don’t trust in this way? You don’t have to name names.

Also, why does she think she’s above the rules of her chosen genre? If she wants to write romance one of the rules is - cough up a HEA at the end of the book. In a series that would mean at the end of each book.

I once read a different author who I’ve stopped reading for similar reasons, justify no HEA in a romance novel. She didn’t write HEA’s because not everyone gets a happy ending. Duh. But guess what, that’s reality and reality is non-fiction. If I wanted reality I’d read non-fiction.

What about you? How important is a HEA to you? Do you pay attention to whether a book is categorized  correctly or not?

Over in Julieland the card today is about disappointment. This author disappointed me and now I don’t trust her. She made beautiful characters whom I love and then she has so far refused them the HEA I have a right to expect since she’s calling the books romance novels.

So until she’s written that final book in the series and I know for certain she has given my favorite characters their due, you won’t see her books here.

Now if you want to e-mail me ( I’ll be glad to give you her name and discuss her with you.


  1. You know, I'm OK with a HFN (happy for now) as opposed to a HEA (happily ever after). Fortune Quilt which I just finished last week, has a HFN ending, and it was good. But I can't stand it when there's little or no resolution at all, which sounds like what you're talking about here. I'll name names-- like Stephanie Plum, who after 16? 17? how many? books, is still waffling back and forth between the same two guys. No thank you. I quit reading after 7 or 8, I think. It's possible to write a series where each book ends with a resolution, but enough is left hanging that you can't wait for the next book-- Harry Potter is the first example that comes to mind. Each book was satisfying on its own, but we couldn't wait for them to come out. There we were standing in line at midnight on the publication date of the next one. I admire you for hanging with your series, I would have quit reading long ago.

  2. Barb - Your comment has inspired me to rewrite part of this blog and I'm going to do that with a quote from your comment.

  3. I emailed you, cause it's a bit hard for me to say without some examples. Plus I'm dying of curiosity. :-)

    In terms of naming names... I think it's fine if you're just a reader. If you hope to be published one day, then I think there's another etiquette at play where writers are being supportive of one another, which I understand. But if straight-up readers want to write critical reviews, I'm totally cool with that. Imagine if there were no critical reviews on amazon, how would I ever choose cookbooks?? lol

    I'll wait to read your next post before commenting further.