Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jonesing, pondering and brimming.

Hey all y’all -

If you came here jonesing* for something to add to your TBR list and you haven’t read Monday May 23rd post about The Butterfly’s Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe, blog post entitled ‘A yes, a journey, millions of butterflies, JOY’ read that instead. Or if you missed Wednesday May 11 about Bridget Asher’s wonderful book, The Pretend Wife, blog post entitled ‘New insight about why I don't feel at home; thanks to Bridget Asher,’ go there.

(*yes, I’m old enough to say jonesing)

Anyone still here?

So, my grandkids are growing and developing personalities that I like. They’re chock full of funniness and brimming with good ideas. My thirteen year old granddaughter recently gave me a great idea. In Hungry Ghosts, the dead mother ghost died of lung cancer. As a ghost, she looks like a person only white air instead of flesh. My granddaughter suggested that I make her black diseased lungs visible. Isn’t that brilliant and spooky? I’m going to do that.

I’m heading for a few days out of my element, y’all. I’m going to another part of Kentucky to take care of a sick aunt while all the other aunts and the one uncle (on that side) attend a wedding. I’m hoping it will be one of those trips that jar things loose and enhance my writing.

And at the place where I’m heading there is a pool in the back yard. I can do my pool walk / jog daily without going to the gym. Yay!

I didn’t realize before I started blogging, that bloggers are a community. There is a community that comes with being a regular commenter on a blog, true. But there is also community amongst bloggers. I have my cyber cronies listed and everytime one of them puts up a new blog, it comes up on my blog and I can go visit with them and have a conversation amongst the commenters. And vice versa. It’s lovely.

Well, that’s all for now. There is a yummy piece of fudge calling my name.


  1. Your grand-daughter is a genius, love that idea.
    Hope your trip goes well.
    Julie will be jealous of the fudge.

  2. have a great trip, Judy! I know what you mean about the blogging community, it is an amazing thing.

  3. I got stuck at the "I have fudge and you don't" part here. (Kris, you are SO psychic!)
    No, just kidding Judy. (But I DO need fudge now.) I hope your journey is an inspiring one, and YAY for the pool time!!!

    Brilliant idea about the ghost, that grandaughter obviously takes after you.
    And, what Barb said, it IS an amazing thing.

  4. Kris, Barb & Julie - To think a few weeks ago I barely knew of your existence. Now I've been to your blogs & we've cyber conversed!

    My gdaughter & gson are amazing. I will be posting some of their artwork soon as gdaughter created the house in Hungry Ghosts & they are both drawing ghosts. They didn't get artistic ability from me, that's for sure.

    This silly thing refuses to recognize that it's me, Judy, Judy, Judy posting, Y'all.

  5. Great g-daughter idea.

    You'll notice I fall behind in my community duties. :'-( But I always try to catch up after!

    And I must add--just your descriptions of these aunts etc should inspire something in your writing one day. I'm sure in real life it's all prosaic and annoying, but in writing it comes off as sort of gothic and dramatic. Maybe because it's all framed by this ghostly stuff!