Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Romance Novel: When Venus Fell, Author: Deborah Smith

“Pride and self-respect are earned, not given by birth…” When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith

“Nothing else matters.”
When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith

Love matters and is more important; a sentiment that echoes throughout this book.

One of my Hungry Ghost readers, Susan McClure, recommended the book Crossroads Café by Deborah Smith. Thank you Susan.

My local library didn’t have it so I asked for it from inter library loan. (I love ILL.) Meanwhile I started on this book, When Venus Fell. I can tell you now, I’ll be reading all of Deborah Smith’s extensive backlog of books. The list is long so I’m going to refer you to her website: http://www.deborah-smith.com/
When you go there you’ll find she also writes urban fantasy novels under the pen name Leigh Bridger.

Chillingly beautiful words:
“Every note of music and every musical sound in life radiates outward. The vibrations become infinitely small, but they never quite fade. They can still reach you, when you’re suddenly quiet enough to catch the echoes inside you.” When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith
But they bode evil:
“Promises and betrayals are the same way.”
When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith

Truth lots of people are unwilling to acknowledge:
“You choose to get out of bed every morning and one morning you slip on the rug and sprain your ankle. But it’s no accident because it wouldn’t have happened if you’d stayed in bed for the rest of your life? No--sometimes accidents just happen. We just have to deal with that fact. All right?” When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith
Because it means they aren’t one hundred percent in control of their lives.

I’ve felt like this:
“The Camerons seduced outsiders. That was easy to see. They enthralled the unsuspecting then absorbed the new energy. I felt as if Ella and I had been sucked dry like fruit.” When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith

Another beautiful ominous sentence:
“And I was afraid he’d break her heart into pieces too small for me to fix.
When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith


“I never forgot how that felt that day, realizing the power to overcome grief by serving others. The power to make sense of the world by stopping some of the senseless pain.” When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith

“You know as well as I do that living with fear is worse than confronting the reality behind the fear.” When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith

Step one in changing anything:
“…as if in some way he could transform the hatred and lunacy in the world by bringing it to the heart of the family.” When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith
Bring it to the light.

When Venus Fell is good. I have since read Crossroads Café and it is even better. I’m going to read everything Deborah has written.

While you’re pondering all of this, I’m going to eat some biscuits. As character Delta says in Crossroads Café “Beauty is fleeting but biscuits are forever.”

(Oh, and, y'all, there are biscuit recipes in the back of Crossroads Cafe. By Deborah Smith.)


  1. Wow! I'm mentioned in a blog!
    I am so excited that you are reading Deborah Smith. Her books are amazing. When Venus Fell was the first one I read.
    I've lent out my copy of A Gentle Rain a couple times, and one friend liked it so much she had her book club read it and discuss it.
    On Bear Mountain and Sweet Hush are great, as are Stone Flower Garden and Charming Grace. Have some tissues ready when you start Blue Willow. A Place to Call Home is wonderfully done. There are still 2 that I haven't read, and I'll be honest, I thought The Beloved Woman was kinda depressing. I've only read a few of her earlier ones, which are shorter romance type novels. I thought Alice at Heart was interesting, but its sequel, Diary of a Radical Mermaid, was a bit hard to read as the first- person POV kept changing characters.
    I hope you will comment on your thought on each book.

  2. With biscuit recipes? I'm in! (To the library I go.)