Monday, June 20, 2011

Change is like a snake.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post using snakes partially for Julie, who loves them.
If you don't love them know this  - there are NO PICTURES.

This weekend was a killer. Sixteen hours on Saturday. Sixteen hours on Sunday. Panicky, stress filled co-workers. Insane.

Then when I finally have time to relax and play on my computer, the internet is down.

So no truth-laden blog today. Well, those are the biggest reasons, anyway. I'm posting this from the library.

Change is like a snake.

Sometimes they’re toxic or poisonous changes like a Cobra or a Diamondback Rattler and you hope they don’t appear around you.

I would like to say that I’ll have a NT blog up tomorrow but my internet has been bitten by a beautiful but deadly Copperhead - they’re more common here than rattlers. (She took out the cable, too. See mixed blessing there. I can’t be on the internet at home but I also don’t have to hear the incessant drone of the television in the other room.)

Sometimes the change is more like a common variety black snake. They eat poisonous snakes and rodents. You’re happy for what they do and willing to tolerate them even if they scare you just a little.

This change is a black snake, I think.

I have been in the habit of writing an NT blog for Monday and Wednesday and Friday.

I’m going to change that, at least for the summer. After that we’ll see.

I’m going to post on Tuesday and Friday. I might sometimes post personal silliness on other days.

Back next week on Tuesday with a Novel Truths post. Hopefully.


  1. Have you ever seen those tiny brilliant green tree snakes? So lovely, and I think deadly as well. You are right, change is very much like a snake, and we can extend this even further, you are growing and changing as well, shedding that old too tight skin so that your shiny new self can be seen.

    Thank you, more than you know, for thinking of me and my beloved snakes. We send you healing/fixing Magick.

  2. So I guess you live with someone? I've been wondering about that. With who?