Monday, June 13, 2011

Modern Gothic Romance Novel: Maybe This Time, Author: Jennifer Crusie

Beautiful, evocative sentence:
“Who do you love? She heard the whisper as the night grew chill and she drifted off? Who do you want?” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Been there:
“-“If he makes me that unhappy, I’m not done with him,” Andie said…” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Done that:
“The subconscious finds ways to work out its problems. A dream state is as good a way as any.” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Bought the t-shirt:
“There were no ghosts, of course, there were no ghosts.” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Funny-real, adult-child dynamic:
“-“Okay,” she said. “If you break a pinky swear you have to cut your finger off.”
“That’s the kind of thing you’re supposed to tell me before you make me do it,” North said.
“Then you shouldn’t have done it without asking,” Alice said, and since that was an argument he’d often used in court, he nodded.” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

The adult-children interactions are one of the reasons I reread this book again. I’ve heard Jenny say that she doesn’t write children well. I beg to differ. I love the kids in this book and my favorite dialogue between a kid and an adult are the talks between C.L. & Em in Tell Me Lies. I needed this inspiration today.

An only Jenny can write this - line:
“…and common sense evaporated along with sanity and all the other buzzkills, and she said, “Yes.” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie
(I love it. I just love it.)

This sentence should be required reading for every man:
“He moved with the old, familiar, deliberate rhythm that always made her mindless, touching her everywhere as she touched him, blanketing her mind with heat until she moaned, sliding against him, tasting the salt of his skin and feeling his breath on her neck, hearing him whisper low to her that she was beautiful, that she was everything, that she was his.” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie
(And be made to understand this is what a woman wants. Simply this.)

Undisputable truth, for me, at least:
“Because I wouldn’t ever want to be stuck watching somebody else live. Because if there’s a new adventure ahead of me I want to go toward it. Because living like a shadow would make me insane.” Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

I love Jennifer Crusie. I’m willing to wait for her next book only because I don’t want her to feel pressured. I would love for her to enjoy the writing as much as I enjoy the reading. I know from her blog that she doesn’t. She is overdue on the deadline for her current w.i.p. and unhappy about it.

When I went back to find the name of the daughter in Tell Me Lies, I found this passage she had written about writing TML on

“On the other hand, this was also the hardest book I’ve ever written. I missed my deadline, I gained ten pounds, and I despaired on a regular basis. A friend of mine told me that the best writing advice he’d ever gotten was that if the book you’re writing isn’t beyond your capabilities, you’re not writing the right book. I was definitely writing the right book. At times Jen’s support was the only thing that kept me going; you know you have a great editor when the book is five months overdue and she says, "I believe in you." Chocolate for life isn’t enough.”

We love you and we’ll wait, Jenny. Really we will.


  1. We do love her, and we will wait.

  2. We do, we do. Although, Maybe This Time wasn't my favorite. (I prefer her in romance mode.) Still, a good book.