Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cranky to Happy in no time flat

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Hell week is over for now. My schedule is leveling out. I feel like I've been in 'on' position for a long time and I've just been allowed to turn 'off' for a while.

Over in Julieland we're talking about joy. http://urthalun.com/ I'm so silly, sometimes. It can be a major effort to drag myself to the pool. Then when I 'm there, my body is so joyfully happy to be moving around in the water.

Other things that give me joy - fun with my grandkids; writing Hungry Ghosts. Today I wrote some on the next installment and it involved solving some logistical, technical things. Pretty soon I've gone from cranky to happy. Go figure.

And I got the air conditioner fixed on my car. In 100+ high humidity weather, ain't nothing more joyful than a fully functioning air conditioner!

So while y'all contemplate what's giving you joy - I'll just go on living this gravy train with biscuit wheels life of mine.


  1. Biscuit wheels?? lol Gives me joy... ummm YOU!

  2. Yay for Hell Week coming to an end! Also, technical stuff? Hmmm....

  3. hurrah for the a/c being fixed!

  4. I am such a fan of Joy! (And gravy.)

  5. Mabel and Julie - I love biscuits and gravy, of course, but I also love all the sayings Southern people have using them. I was sitting in a blue plate diner today and I heard a new one. "If you're visiting someone it's time to go home when the gravy gets thin." Get it? It took me a second but I think they mean cause the provisions for making thick gravy are running low.
    Delia - can't wait for you to read the technical stuff of this installment. It was such fun. It's the first time I ever thought - maybe I shouldn't put this out for free - someone may steal it and use it. Then I thought - oh, who cares?
    Lora - have mercy do I need that a/c this week!