Friday, August 19, 2011

Romance Novel: HEA'S

Sorry. The surface reason is I've been sick and busy. The underlying reason is, my HEA hasn't completely come together yet.

Oh, I could write a cheesy, easy one. But I don't want to. I want to write one that's worthy of Clementine and Dan. Spicy. Unique. Lovable. Impulsive.

So I'm mulling over these things in my brain. I also tried to do some research about the elements of a good HEA but Mercury is being stubborn and I have been blocked at every turn.

Of all Jennifer Crusie's HEA's I think I like the one from Fakin It best. It has everything. Time spent back in the closet where they met. Those white walls colored. Australia conquered. And a Matilda Goodnight marries Davey Dempsey - forever - in the offing. You just know those two will not live an ordinary life.

Same with Tessa and Finn from Lani Diane Rich's book, The Comeback Kiss. The sister's about to become an adult and who knows what T & F will do after that.

Might as well do the third in the Squalor trio - Krissie. My favorite HEA from her is the end of the book, Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart. It's for certain the rest of Jilly and Reno's lives together will involve lots of bedroom steam.

What about Jane Austen? My favorite HEA from Austen's books is the one in Persuasion. For me it is so touching to see Anne Elliot overcome all objections and Captain Wentworth admit that he still loves her.

Which reminds me of The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler (also a terrific movie, BTW) which is filled with HEA's. Jocelyn and Grigg finally bond over Ursula LeGuin novels. Bernadette marries a dashing man she met on a cruise. Sylvia forgives Daniel and they reunite. Their daughter, Allegra, gets over her lover, Corrine's betrayal by starting anew with her doctor. And Prudie triumphs over her grief-inspired temptation to commit adultery and rekindles her passion for her husband, Dean.

I thought about my favorite end of a television show. Has to be the Gilmore Girls. But is it an HEA? You're confident Luke and Lorelai will be together. For Rory, though, I think it's a HFN (happily for now.) She's getting on the press bus to cover the election, yes, but there's no man.

This will probably sound weird to some but one of my favorite endings from a movie is from The Mexican. I love the dysfunctional relationship between Roberts and Pitt that flows through the whole movie. Then, at the end, when they're leaving Mexico in that ridiculous car and she keeps pestering him to tell her the tragically romantic story behind the gun, over and over, it's just sweet.

What about you? Favorite HEA in a novel? A movie? End of a television series? Real life love story?

Spill, y'all. My achy muscles are said to mean 'longing for love' but I think in this case it's longing for love STORIES.


  1. One of my favorites is Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. We get an update on everyone, yet she still keeps it brief. And there's a doughnut engagement ring! Doesn't get any better than that.

  2. Umm? Well...huh. I don't always read stories with HEAs. Of the ones I've read, I'd have to go with Bet Me as well. And The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, for all its brutality, has a lovely and very real HEA. It's not mushy, but it feels true.

    In movies, Better Off Dead, hands down. But I'm corny like that.

  3. The ones that jump to mind right now are the most recent I've read, Sarah Addison Allen. Oh wait, Paula Wall does good HEAs too. So does Barbara Samuel O'Neal.
    Yeah, I kinda suck at this.

  4. I read a lot of novels that don't focus on a HEA but more of a sense of completion or satisfaction. In romance novels, hands down it would be Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie. I just re-read it this summer, and it always makes me feel good.