Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Romance Comedy Novel: Making Waves, Author: Tawna Fenske


Coxswain - ( kóks'n ) someone in charge of rowing a boat
Synonyms - steer, pilot, navigate

Titillate - excite somebody, cause somebody to tingle

Libido - sex drive

Cleavage - crease visible between breasts

Sensing a pattern here? Words that either have to do with sex or sound naughty in a sexy way.

Stamina - resilient energy and strength
Synonym - staying power

Men live in dread fear of losing their sexual stamina.

But it never happens to Alex the pirate.

Of course, I’m pulling words out of Making Waves by Tawna Fenske.

Wench - offensive term for a prostitute or a woman who is regarded as sexually promiscuous

But Juli, the stowaway, isn’t really promiscuous - she’s just hot for Alex the pirate.

“Are you going to eat that ginger or just fondle it?”

She could have used many words there but none are quite so sexually suggestive as fondle.

Prowess - superior skill
It has no direct connection to sex yet you just want to put the word sexual in front of it; sexual prowess.

Cockpit - enclosure at the stern of the boat for the wheel or tiller

Cutlass - short thrusting sword used in the past by sailors

Scabbard - sheath or case for a sword

Alone in the cockpit, Alex thrusts his cutlass into Juli’s scabbard. You get the picture.

Now go buy the book. It’s funny. Witty. Clever. Sexy. Romantic. Wonderful HEA. Did I mention funny?

Ten Dollar Words is normally what I do on the rare occasions that I blog at the but I went in search of Tawna's book today so I couldn't resist.

* "You know I love it when you use those ten-dollar words and make sense out of everything in my head." (from the book Can’t Stand The Heat by Louisa Edwards)
For more about this book which is part of the Recipe For Love series by Louisa Edwards - go here:


  1. Finally! A time when I've actually read the book you're talking about. :)

  2. Ha! I just did an interview yesterday in which I joked that the only reason I wrote this book was so I could use terms like dinghy and coxwain and come abreast. Thanks for the laugh!