Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Romance Novel: Secrets of a Summer Night, Series: Wallflowers, Author: Lisa Kleypas

“But Annabelle was discovering that there was sometimes a vast difference between what you knew was good for you, and what you actually wanted.” Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas
So true…I want brownies but salad would be better for me.
“The situation will untangle itself.” Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas
I love that wording. I’m going to make a big sign with those words so I can read it whenever I’m tempted to react in a stupid way, which is frequent.
Secrets of a Summer Night is a historical romance novel where four women meet and form the Wallflowers. The Wallflowers have so far been unsuccessful in their goal of finding a husband. None of them really want a husband but all of them are required by family or circumstance to marry. So they band together and determine to help each other.
“You’re awfully forthcoming about your evil intentions.” It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas
If only everyone were…
 “Something romantic. Something with a happy ending. There should always be a happy ending, shouldn’t’ there?” It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas
Yes, there should be. Always a HEA, at least in the books I read. It may not be realistic, but if I wanted reality I’d read non-fiction.
And Lisa Kleypas knows how to create a HEA. In the first book, the oldest of the wallflowers finds a husband she loves. In the second book, the next oldest finds one. And, even better, the women’s friendship continues to grow.
“Morality is only for the middle classes, sweet. The lower class can’t afford it, and the upper classes have entirely too much leisure time to fill.” Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas
This shouldn’t be true but I think we all now, it usually is.
“…moments of lunacy can occasionally lead to positive results.” Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas
Actually most of the positive results in my life can be traced back to moments of lunacy. What does that say about me, I wonder?
Devil In Winter,  the third in the Wallflower series, is my favorite. I really enjoy Kleypas’ voice.
“Oh? Then explain to me how the world has benefitted from your presence in it. What have you ever done for anyone?” Scandal In Spring by Lisa Kleypas
This one has the heroine I most identify with. And this statement pushed me to examine something I’ve always had as a core belief. Is it necessary for my presence to benefit the world or someone else? I’ve always thought that it did. Now I’m thinking not. Maybe my purpose here is just to live.
Where do you weigh in on this philosophy?
“You don’t have to be silent, dear. Scream or curse if it helps.” Scandal In Spring by Lisa Kleypas
I always find that screaming and cursing both help me.
With this book the fourth and final Wallflower gets married.  There is a fifth book that I haven’t read yet.  A Wallflower Christmas appears to center around a brother of two of the original Wallflowers.
These books are really good if you like historical romances. They are romances in the true sense of the word so don’t go there if you don’t really enjoy the romance genre.
Lisa Kleypas is a very prolific writer. She also writes contemporary romance which I look forward to sampling.
And, as usual with the truths I found, YMMV


  1. These sound wonderful.

    I tend towards the 'we are all here for a reason' philosophy. Working through and getting it right this time. Hoping to get it right this time. ;)

    If we constantly strive to improve ourselves, I can't see how the world wouldn't benefit. It is the little things that add up. A smile, feeding a porch kity, taking in the neighbor's garbage can. It won't make the nightly news, but it does make a difference.

  2. Screaming and cursing always help!

  3. I LOVE this series. The characters, the stories, the attitudes of those who are so stuck in their ways and completely miss the progress of the world around them. I love how some of the characters are able to get out of their comfort zones and embrace the changes in the world.

  4. I read the Winter one. I enjoyed it, but now I can't remember a thing about it, though I only read it maybe 2 years ago.

    In Why We're Here: I can't answer that in a post reply. lol. I tried. Maybe I'll try answering it on my blog later this week!

  5. What Judie said.

  6. I happen to think we all have the right to live, beneficial presence or not. However, I would add that, whether society or the world benefits from our presence or not, we should do our damnedest not to let it suffer from our presence. In other words, it's okay not to be productive, but it's not okay to be destructive.

    Hey...this soapbox is really high...everyone looks like ants from up here.

  7. Lol! Delia, I always look this short. ;)