Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Romance Suspense Novel: Pleating For Mercy, Series: Magical Dressmaker Mystery, Author: Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

This is so true:

“I could drink a hot cup of joe on a sweltering day just as easily as I could in forty-degree weather. Ground beans and warm pastry soothed my soul.” Pleating For Mercy by Melissa Bourbon

Matter of fact, I think I’ll make a cup right now. BRB.

I’ve talked about this before:

“I’d always gauged a lot of my decisions by Loretta Mae’s standards just like all the Cassidy women did. She was like our moral compass. ‘What would Meemaw do?’” Pleating For Mercy by Melissa Bourbon

I wish I had someone like this in my life. I swear no one has the same moral compass as me.

I’ve met people for whom this doesn’t appear to be true:

“Everyday you learn something you never knew before. The day you don’t is the day you die.” Pleating For Mercy by Melissa Bourbon

It’s true for me and a lot of other people I know. IMHO part of the problem for people who aren’t constantly learning is that they are convinced they already know everything worth knowing.

I love how she puts this:

“I’d spent years working with models who were borderline anorexic and obsessed with numbers. Weight, waist, hips, thighs. You name it, they were trying to make it smaller. ‘Smaller numbers won’t change who you are.’ I gestured up and down her body. ‘This is you. You’ve got to rock what you’ve got, Karen Mitchell.’” Pleating For Mercy by Melissa Bourbon

I can’t stress the truth of that enough. It’s not your size that’s important. It’s the state of your health. It’s how you feel about your size. And if you feel bad about your size, maybe work on your attitude, not the size of your ass.

I love this wording:

“Leap fearlessly…If you don’t take a risk, you’ll never realize the potential reward.” Pleating For Mercy by Melissa Bourbon

I’ve taken many a risk that has paid off in great reward. And I’ve missed opportunities because of fear. I’d rather make a mistake than wallow in regret.

I’m so going to use this:

“I felt older than two trees.” Pleating For Mercy by Melissa Bourbon

I can’t believe I never heard that before. I love it.

This is the first in the new Magical Dressmaker Mystery Series by Melissa Bourbon. The second book, A Fitting End, comes out Feb. 7, 2012.

Why Magical? Because all of the Cassidy (descendents of Butch) women are charmed. And Meemaw, who’s featured prominently is a ghost, so far seen only by main character, Harlow Cassidy, dressmaker.

And, of course, there’s a very handsome man. We can predict that eventually there’ll be steam between Harlow and Will. There's already friction.

I knew that this would be a good book because I’ve read Melissa’s work under her other name, Misa Ramirez. The Lola Cruz Mystery Series is really good, also. To date there are two books and a prequel published in that series; Living La Vida, Lola!, Hasta Las Vista, Lola! & the prequel, The Lola Cruz Christmas Story. The third book, Bare Naked Lola! is scheduled to be released in spring of 2012.

The Magical Dressmakers Mystery Series is set in Bliss, Texas making it natural for Bourbon to use a little lingo that is very familiar to me.

I might could go on but I’m fixin to go to the grocery store so we can have family dinner. What are y’all up to?


  1. Lot's of good quotes.

    I've heard a lot of older than... sayings in my day, even said a few, but I've never heard "older than two trees", that's awesome.

    As fer me, I'm fix'n to walk with my daughter, then go to work. Wrangle me a keyboard into compliance.

  2. Ha! You know, the main problem with northern accents is that they don't translate well into print.