Monday, September 12, 2011

Blessings and Curses

Hey everyone.

This is not my usual Novel Truths blog. Some changes are afoot in my life and they take some getting used to. I'll be back to normal soon, I promise.

Over in JulieLand for a couple of days now part of the focus has been on things that are a blessing and a curse at the same time. That's what's happening for me.

I've gotten a new job. Blessing right? And it is in many ways. I'm grateful for it. I've been able to transition from caretaking, which I was burnt out on, back into office work. I'm ready for it. And the pay is decent. And the people appear to be nice. And it's similar to work I've done before and enjoyed.

Unfortunately the hours are difficult for me in a couple of ways. Right now they're 8am to 5pm for the next 2 weeks. If you know me, you know I'm not a morning person. After the first 2 weeks they shift to 10am to 7pm. Better. I'll be happier. And unhappier. Because all the routines I had established with my gkids are gone. And sometimes my gkids are the reason I get up in the morning.

But even the hours have a blessing side. I'm in the same city as the pool everyday and I can head for the water Monday to Thursday. Very, very happy about that. Everything looks better for me after a little time in the pool.

Also, I am going to have some different kind of fun with my gkids on the weekends. Starting with attending some demolition derbies and drag races in a few weeks.

Why demolition derbies and drag races you ask? Because a new protagonist who drives in one or the other or both is making herself at home in my brain. A host of other characters are moving in behind her. And a plot is taking shape.

Romcom this time. You saw it, Delia!

Anyhoo I have notes for a couple of Novel Truth blogs and a couple of $10. word blogs for the Bettyverse and they'll come spewing out my fingertips very soon.

While I adjust to someone else being in charge of a large chunk of my life for the first time since the year 2000, y'all hold space for me, okay?


  1. Demolition derbies and drag races with the gkids? You sound like one COOL gmom!

    Best of luck with your new job. Sounds like it'll be great once you get through the adjustment period. :)

  2. That's a lot of blessings with only minor curses, so I'm happy for you. (And I knew it was a romcom. ;) ) Have fun at the derbies!

  3. Hurrah for the pool! ANd double hurrah for the romcom!!!!!

  4. Good luck, Judy. You'll adjust soon. I like the sound of the romcom. I'm going to try to post and see if it will take....
    : ) Robena

  5. Who knows what new traditions and habits will spring up, even with the gkids. Fingers crossed!

    And I just caught-up-read all your usual book-quote posts. Entertaining as ever. ;-)

  6. I tried posting on this when it first went up, but now, it's gone. No worries... I made it, finally! (We hope.)

  7. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone! And Julie I'm sorry if my blog was unfriendly. It has strict instructions to be nice to people.

  8. Hi, Judy-- I've been thinking about you all week but didn't have time to check in until today. I'm glad it's going well. Probably by now it is feeling more comfortable. and the pool sounds great! write another update soon!