Friday, September 23, 2011

Weird encounter, Romance Novel: Deep Down True, Author: Juliette Fay

My new job is with a small part of a big company. But even my small part is a building full of people, at least one hundred. (A building with no windows, btw, who does that?) Now you would think the big, boss over all the bosses would operate at a certain professional level, wouldn't you?

So imagine my surprise when I found myself in an encounter with her and I had no clue who she was. She was telling me to do something in contrast to what my boss had told me to do. I thought she was just one of those people who wants to be a chief when she's really an Indian. Why? Because she was dressed like a bimbo. Seriously. It's a casual week and she had on jean capris and a low back blouse with loads of make up and her hair in a messy ponytail. Would you have seen that and thought 'authority'?

It was no big deal, just a little unsettling.

Deep Down True by Juliette Fay - outstandingly good book. It rocks. I'm not going to spoiler but there's a scene near the end that makes me laugh every time even though I've read those 2 pages twenty times. Course it could just be my irreverent sense of humor.

I'm just starting Not That Kind Of Girl by Susan Donovan and it has potential also.

What's everybody reading?

Judy, Judy, Judy


  1. Ugh. That kind of encounter with the "big boss" IS unsettling, isn't it. Hope you won't have to deal with her directly very much.

    Right now I'm reading a book by a friend of mine who had it published on Kindle. It's called The Comrades -- a historical romance set in 8th-century Wales. It's a lovely read.

  2. I just finished Demon Soul, by a friend of mine. It was a good read, good world building, and I liked it although paranormal is not my normal got to read.
    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Keith Cronin's debut book, Me Again. It was supposed to arrive two days ago. Got a message it's on its way. I look up every time a vehicle goes by hoping it's the UPS truck. I'd love to have it for this weekend. Still two hours of delivery time left on the west coast...a gal can hope. : )

  3. I'm on the seventh Tres Navarre book, Rebel Island (by Rick Riordan). I found him because MadMax and I love his young adult novels, so I thought his adult books might be good, too. And they are good, but I have a feeling this isn't going to be one of my favorites of the series.

  4. The Peach Keeper!!!

  5. At the moment I am re-reading the Harry Potter series, then I am going to start working through my huge tbr list (most of which were recommended by you)

  6. Just finished Two Sisters Cafe and am about to begin Wizards. It is a collection of short stories.

  7. Sounds like everyone is reading something good. Julie -Peacekeeper is on my shelf. It's time isn't right for me for some reason. I say that having not even cracked it open.

    Not That Kind of Girl by Susan Donovan was really good. I did my usual. There are 3 books each written about one of a group of women and I unknowingly started with the last book. Just got the other two from the library.

  8. I just started The Spymasters Lady by Joanna Bourne. I'm only a couple chapters in but it's good.
    One that I've been waiting for is now out, but since Borders stores have closed I haven't bought it yet. I miss their discount coupons. Hopefully soon I will get A Rather Remarkable Homecoming by C.A. Belmond. I have really enjoyed that series. It's a different kind of mystery.

  9. Susan - good to hear from you. Sad about Borders. Sounds like you've got some good reading going, though.