Sunday, October 23, 2011

Erotica Romance Novel: Slow Ride, Author: Erin McCarthy

I'm doing a short post today about a book because Tuesday's regular post will be all about the DEMOLITION DERBY.

My weekend was fun; centered around cars, reading and research for writing.

I read Slow Ride by Erin McCarthy. I have loved her Fast Track Series so far and this book was as good as the others. We got the story of Tuesday Talledega Jones, race-track-gossip-blogger, and her man, ex-racer, Diesel (Daniel) Lange.

The next book up will prove to be just as good, I'm sure. It features Eve, a minor character from the other books. If you follow Erin McCarthy on facebook you know she just gave it to her editor so - not long until we get to read it. Yeah.

I do have something to say about Slow Ride. It's kind of negative but I don't think the blame can be laid entirely at Erin McCarthy's feet. This book is riddled with typos. I learned something I hadn't realized before. Typos can take you out of a story. Not good. However, with Erin McCarthy, you're so enjoying the story that you dive right back in. SHE'S THAT GOOD.

It definitely made me even more appreciative of all the lovely work of my two beta readers when I was writing Hungry Ghosts. Delia and Julie you rock!

What book have you loved despite obvious flaws?


  1. I'm noticing more and more typos in published books lately. Sadly, I'm guessing a lot of good copy editors didn't survive the downturn in the economy.

  2. Mine. :)
    Plus, what Linda G. said.

  3. I read a lot of e-books and there are typos, and the lines often don't wrap correctly, etc. I think many times authors are doing their own work in putting them up on Smashwords and often that format doesn't match the format of another e-pub program like say Nook, or Sony and then you get those problems.
    Add in a few typos, or a repeated page, and you end up wanting to delete the whole mess. It's distracting and annoying. If I ever decide to go the route of e-pub I'm paying someone to edit and to do that work for me. : )

  4. Thank you. And you are most welcome.
    Typos and bad editing in general bug me more than they should. ;)