Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's child has many bags

On Wednesday over in JulieLand, Mrs. Moon Witch said:

"I love totes and bags and purses and carry-alls and satchels of every flavor and style."

Guess what? Me, too. So I decided to post pics of mine. Ooh, oh, oh, oh and pics of these cool containers I love.

Here is my messy peg thingy overfull with bags:

Here is the bag that I carry for a purse right now:

Here is a purse I bought several years ago that I only use for special occassions as I want to keep it nice:

It's hanging against my purple rag-rolled wall. It was designed by San Diego artist, Laurel Burch, who is now deceased. She's actually famous for these cats:

The cats are cute but I love my butterfly purse.

Here is a purse I made from a pair of my dad's old jeans after he died. I lined it with one of his old flannel shirts. On the front is a coffee cup tapestry that I wove when I thought I wanted to become a weaver. I didn't enjoy weaving but I still think that pieces someone has weaved with their own hands and creativity are magical.

Here are the cool containers opened. One holds my clothes pins, the other holds my essential oils. It smells really good when you open it.

Here they are closed. Aren't they cute? In between them is a chunk of glass dug up from outside an old, abandoned glass factory in Rhode Island.

The last thing I want to show you is the bookmark my brother gave me for xmas a few years ago. It's handmade by someone from one of the First Nations tribes but I'm not sure who or what tribe. I just love it.

So there you have it. Me and my love affair with bags, and containers. I'm usually a minimalist but I can't resist bags, containers, bookmarks and books.

My purse is becoming a little the worse for wear so I 'NEED' to find a new one soon!

Happy Friday y'all!!!!


  1. Oh, I have some Laurel Burch earrings with cat heads just like those! Love them.

    I also have a ton of handbags, but never seem to switch them out. I tend to carry the same one forever, and when I do switch, I carry that one forever. Probably a symptom of laziness. ;)

  2. I'm with Linda, I don't switch purses. And I'm sure it's out of laziness. Well, that and I like my shiny red patent crocodile purse. It's hawt. Totes are a different thing entirely, since I crochet and sew. They're great for carrying projects with me. And since I have many projects, I must have many totes. :)

    The Laurel Burch one is cute.

  3. I love your current purse!

    I bought a purse organizer off etsy a year ago, so that I can switch purses/bags/backpack easily. I didn't like owning different bags and not using them because of the oh-no-switched-purses-but-forgot-vital-item risk!