Monday, October 10, 2011

Romance Novel: Little Gale Gumbo, Author: Erika Marks, Romance Suspense Novel: Foul Play, Author: Tori Carrington

Gales brewing in my brain

When I sat down at the computer tonight I thought I had nothing to give. No news. Nothing going on. Ho hum.
Then I hit my email and found out I won this book :
from the Debutante Ball. Go here for a synopsis.

Linda Grimes has taken Tawna Fenske's Friday spot at the ball. Last Friday if you commented with your favorite food scene from any book, you won Erica Marks debut book pictured above. This was my winning comment:
"In Foul Play by Tori Carrington, gorgeous Dino brings Sophie a chocolate torte which they end up eating off of each other in one of my favorite steamy scenes. Makes my stomach rumble and my hoohah, well, … just thinking about it."
Which reminds me that I have to write a blogpost about Tori Carrington's series of Sophie Metropolis books because I love them.

So then I went from email to Jennifer Crusie's blog. I didn't know she had put up a new blog. I went to find out what we were doing next in the Cherry Forum Gothic Book club. That hasn't been decided yet but Jenny had a new blogpost up. And it's a doozie! My favorite quote from it is:

"Full disclosure: There’s a limit to how long I’ll stay on the high ground. It’s not my natural habitat."
Those kind of snarky comments are one of the many reasons I love Ms Crusie.

Anyway the post is about conflict of interest but it veers off into plaguerism. And it made me feel somewhat like a hypocrit. I'm going to quote my comment to her blogpost now so you'll know why.
"Picasso may have said – “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” Not that that makes plageurism okay – but people, give it a rest.
In the interest of full disclosure, it makes me feel like a hypocrit to say that. Why? Because I recently wrote a blog in praise of an author – then I read a second series by her and found out she recycled some of her scenes. And I was stunned. I like to approach my blog with the old – if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything, motto so I didn’t want to dis her on my blog. However, I felt I owed the few people who add books to their tbr lists from my blogpost the new truth I’d found, so I emailed them directly.
She doesn’t deserve to be publicly hanged. She didn’t steal from someone else. She stole from her own books. I just don’t want people to buy her books on my say so.
Truth be told, I enjoyed them, recycled scenes and all."
Some of you know why I feel silly now.

But even funnier is that she's talking about plaguerism by Cassie Edwards. In the early 70's my brother was friends with CE's son. He used to visit them frequently. When my Harlequin reading mom found out CE wrote romance novels, she had to check one out. And she was so flabbergasted. It didn't end with the chaste kiss after the wedding proposal that she was accustomed to.
Now I find out Edwards has been writing romance all these years. Her career ended very recently in a plaguerism scandal that Jenny Crusie calls a witch hunt. It's even in wikipedia here.

This all amused and entertained me for almost 2 hours. What's been amusing you lately?


  1. Congrats on your win! I know you're going to enjoy Little Gale Gumbo.

    And almost everything amuses me. The sad fact is, I'm very easily amused. ;)

  2. Congrats on your win :)

  3. Congrats on winnng the book. Awesomeness.

    Last week I was flying on little sleep and EVERY THING was funny. The best was when I answered the phone and the client asked, "Is David there?"
    I replied, "He hasn't." After I got off the phone I laughed and laughed and laughed. I can just see the client wondering what had just happened. It still makes me giggle.

    It's true. I need a life.

  4. Okay, you win way too many books. It's making me jealous. ;)

  5. Hadn't read the La Crusie post--just went and read. I liked this comment from Sure Thing: "HOW TO WIN AN ARGUMENT ON THE INTERNET: 1. Turn off computer. 2. Have sex with significant other."

    But I don't think you should feel silly. There's sort of a social contract between reader and writer, and the author in question did mildly break that by recycling. And because of your "social contract" with YOUR readers, you felt the need to say something privately. You did not form a witch hunt, which is the sort of thing Crusie is criticizing.


  6. Well done on your win, and very nice to meet you. I'm now off to track down all those little leads you gave us there... Thing that has been amusing me most recently is getting phrases and annoying songs stuck in the heads of our evesdropping neighbours by constantly repeating them :)

  7. Linda G = thanks

    Gracielou ;)

    Judie = I like those times once in a while - I call them being 'slap happy' = not sure why, just another one of my dad's sayings

    Delia = hehehe me win

    London Mabel = I really liked Sure Things comment, too

    Laura = Nice to meet you. Welcome. And can I say, I'm impressed - love the neighbor thing.

  8. I won a book recently! It was Heads You Lose by Lisa Lutz and David Hayward. Apparently I won by coin toss so they taped a penny to the page they autographed and wrote, "Tails you win!" I thought that was pretty cool. And it's a great book. I had fun reading it.
    I also read Crusie's blog. I really don't get how anyone could criticize her. She's so great!

  9. you won a book:) something you can get real pleasure out of! sweet:)

    funny you mention Picasso - i found this Picasso quote a couple of days ago. it's speaking to me currently:

    “I am always doing things I can’t do. That is how I get to do them.” ~ Pablo Picasso

    Recyling your own scenes for you own book is just reusing good ideas - as long as they work. And, who cares as long as the book is enjoyable!

  10. Susan - I wondered about the Lutz book. I'll pick it up now. I got irritated with her in the Spellman Files because I know you have to put your characters in crisis but I felt like she never gave Izzie a soft place to land. Then in the last book she finally hooked her up with Henry.
    Pike - love that Picasso quote.

  11. Heads You Lose had a little different feel to it as it also showed the 2 author's emails to each other after each chapter. There were a few who didn't care for it, but I liked it. I thought it was a fun read.
    My google account didn't work on my earlier post. Hopefully this posts.