Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Romance Novel: Shelter Me, Author: Juliette Fay

Moments ago I finished reading a book that was so astounding I felt compelled to search for the best word to describe it.

Surprised? Didn't think so. The word is -

Enthralling - fascinating: so interesting, delightful, or beautiful as to hold the attention completely

I was truly enthralled. It's Shelter Me, the second book I've read by Juliette Fay. The first, Deep Down True was also good. If we were rating with stars and ten stars was the best rating I could give,  Deep Down True would get ten and Shelter Me would get eleven.

It's the kind of book that, when you read the subject matter you think, I don't want to read that. It's the struggle of a young woman who is suddenly widowed and left with her two children to raise.

(At this point I have to say for all of those of you like me who need this incentive - it has a happily ever after ending.)

It's sad and yet, not depressing. Sheer, raw, truth and yet, entertaining. Darkness brought to the light.

There are moments so real that you just laugh out loud cause you recognize them. Moments like this: Mom Janie has told son Dylan that he doesn't have to go to preschool tomorrow because a guy is coming with a backhoe to dig holes in the yard.

Dylan looked dismayed. "Dig holes? Is that okay? Will he do trouble?"
"No, it's not trouble," said Janie. "I want him to. He's digging holes so he can build us a porch. With a ceiling fan. It's good."..."And you don't have to get ready for school so you can sleep as late as you want. We can all sleep until we're ready to get up."
At 5:42 the next morning, Dylan was ready to get up. "Mom?" he whispered, hovering over Janie. When she didn't respond he delicately pulled up one of her eyelids. "Mom? Where's the backhoe?"

Is that not true to life kid behavior?

It's the kind of book I love because Janie refuses to be bullied into grieving the way people want, or the length of time they think is okay. She is totally herself even when that self is an unpleasant bitch.

And when she was being an unpleasant bitch, I didn't just feel sorry for her or even just love her; I genuinely liked her.

Juliette Fay enthralls you like Barbara O'Neal or Melissa Senate.

My first thought was to compare her to Leslie Marmon Silko but then I realized, I haven't talked about LSM here and she deserves her own blogpost for the book Ceremony alone. Someday.

What are things you're waiting until someday to do?

Personal Weirdness:
The weirdest thing is happening at my sucky new job. (Which I'm happy to have because not everybody has a job these days - still sucky, though, not gonna drink the yucky koolaide.)
There's a water problem. So 3x in the month I've been there, we haven't had bathrooms. This is a building with more than 100 people working. Do they send people home? No. The solution is for employees who need to use the facilities to get in their car and drive a short distance to another building. What do you think this does to productivity? It doesn't crank it up, I can tell you that.
Is that weird, or what?


  1. Oh my. I hope no one gets sick while that's going on. I don't think the car ride would help.

    The book sounds...well, enthralling. I shall have to keep it on my radar.

  2. The book sounds very... ahaha - Enthralling. And that is definately kid behavior.

    That's awful about the bathrooms. Here we have to stand in line from time to time, but we've never had to get in the car to "go". I might get on the road and not come back. Just say'n. ;)

  3. Like Barbara's books? And with HEAs? You sold me.
    (um, I think the thing with the bathrooms is illegal)

  4. Delia & Judie - after I wrote this post I read the word, enthralling, in a bunch of places. Isn't that funny?

    Julie - yeah, JF is good!