Friday, October 21, 2011

Random things I'm looking forward to

~The weekend when I don't have to work on Saturday and Sunday.

~The demolition derby that I'm going to on Saturday with my gkids for fun & for research for my new novel character, Veronica, nickname Ronnie, who will be a driver.

~Slow Ride, the 5th book in the Fast Track series about race car drivers by Erin McCarthy; on it's way to me as we speak.

~The last Gothic Book Club with Jenny Crusie on the Cherry Forum. It starts on 10/31 and we're talking about Jenny's book Maybe This Time.

~The first book in the romantic comedy book club with Crusie on the Cherry Forum. Starts? First book we talk about? Can't wait to learn about romcom with the goddess of romcom herself.

~A second book from debut author Erica Marks. Her first, Little Gale Gumbo, which I won, was good.

~My youngest daughter, Liz's  senior art show on November 30th. She's a senior in college getting her bachelors in art.

~The arrival of a collage photo that my oldest daughter, Ruthie put together for my desk at work. She's a photographer. Her business is called Life Echoed Photography. Clever, huh? I have a collage with her, my son-in-law and my gkids on my desk already. I commissioned her to do one of her sister, her sister's fiancee, and all our families many pets.

~Halloween. My gdaughter is going to be Drew Barrymore as Dylan from Charlie's Angels. My gson is going to be Dr. Doofenshmirtz of Evil, Inc. from Phineas and Ferb. They're coming trick-or-treating to my work on the 28th.

~Pirates of the Carribean 4 which is out now to buy! Um give me some more Jack Sparrow.

What are you looking forward to?


  1. I love Dr. Doofenshmirtz. :)
    I'm looking forward to the family Halloween party this weekend. It's a giant bash (even though it's immediate family only, there are a lot of us), and so much fun.
    I'm also looking forward to getting my revisions done. Soon. Someday. *sigh* I don't know when, but I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. I am looking forward to the end of the work day. When the actual end will come, no one knows - ahahaha - I'm stuck here until someone does something that needs to be done because someone who should have done something didn't do it properly and my quit time that should be in 10 minutes is now put on terminal hold, oh, and I won't get paid for it and that is why I'm screwing around on the interwebz.

    I am sure everyone was looking forward to the end of that run on sentence. ;)

    I am looking forward to Halloween. We are trying to get everyone to dress up as cats because it will bug my boss. I know, I am evil.

    I am looking forward to NaNo, but am okay that it is still a week plus out as my plot has suddenly changed and I want time to play with it.

  3. Thank you, Judy! I'm so flattered to have not only made this wonderful list, but to hear you enjoyed the novel.

    Oh, a Phineas and Ferb Halloween tribute? My girls would go nuts for that...

    I'm looking forward to busting into a package of Halloween cookies that my dear sister sent--and sleeping in a wee bit tomorrow if kiddos will allow. If not, then I'm looking forward to coffee...;)

  4. .... Caaaaaptain Jaaaack! Did you say something else?

    Oh right, looking forward to. Uh, maybe Dan's days off? A check I'm watching the mail for so I can go buy Q-Tips? OH! I know, finishing a new purse for a friend! Ha, I knew I'd find a good one.

  5. That's a great list of things to look forward to!

    Right now I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep, so my brain will function well enough to think of some other things to look forward to.

  6. I had a whole list of replies but someone in cyber space snatched them. So I'm just gonna go with the very lame :) y'all. Thanks for commenting!

  7. The return of the series New Girl. That's the only concrete thing on my wish for list right now. :-) Glad yours' is longer!