Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Romance Suspense Novel: On Thin Ice, Author: Anne Stuart, Young Adult Novel: Withering Tights, Author: Louise Rennison, Fiction Novel: Jacaranda Blue, Author: Joy Dettman

Happy Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos.

Y'all this blogpost is about books I've put off reading for some stupid reason or another.
I figured out I can load a free kindle app and read kindle books on my pc. So I purchased my first kindle book; On Thin Ice. Oh how I love Anne Stuart. Especially the Ice Series! This one was sooo good. I keep going back and reading bits over again. She plans on writing more Ice books!!!! If she's writing 'em, I'm reading 'em.

Flossie said, "She does seem nice, but I wanted to squeeze her head, and my head-squeezing instincts are usually good." from Withering Tights by Louise Rennison

Withering Tights I saw on London Mabel's blog for weeks but I took forever to check it out of the library. Then I rechecked it twice and now it's overdue. I read it finally and it is so funny and heartwarming. I don't usually read young adult books but I'm glad I read this one.
The main character, a 14 year old named Tallulah, is endearing in her genuine awkward teen-agerness. She speaks frequently of snogging. It took me a while to figure out it means kissing, not sex. I love the title's play on words and the book lives up to it's title.

If I had time to write a real novel truths blog there are many great quotes in this book. Damn sucky time-draining job. Course, tomorrow is payday...
Some time back Curious Miss Kris sent me a book cause I won a contest on her blog. (Ah, envy looks so cute on you, Delia.) The title of the book is Jacaranda Blue by Joy Dettman. The subject matter would normally have put off this romance-genre-loving-woman but the book was good and it had a hfn (happily for now) ending that warmed my heart.
I started reading Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey which I mistakenly thought was a biography of a real demolition derby driver. If you go here wikipedia talks about the book. It doesn't sound like a book I would like but Julie assures me that she and Dan are fans of the author, Chuck Palaniuk, and his books are all good. He authored the book behind the movie, Fight Club, which I haven't seen but my kids loved.

Update: I put Rant down. It was hard for me to read. I will probably pick it up at another time or I may just mail it to Julie. It's like Terry Pratchett. The same people who like books that I like, love Terry Pratchett but I just can't read him.

Then, the library lured me in to return my overdue books. While I was there I picked up a couple of romcoms I hadn't read...

Last but not least, I watched the fourth Pirates of the Carribean movie. I laughed and laughed. I'm in love with J.D./Capt. Jack Sparrow, of course, but I have to say the entire cast is very talented. And the writing is witty and fun.

That was my weekend, y'all. What did you get up to?


  1. I haven't seen the 4th movie yet - Sounds like I need to rent it. A good laugh sounds like a good thing to me.

    The rest of the weekend was Nano prep.

  2. Wow. AS I was typing my comment it got eaten. New and disturbing.

    Right, so what I said before was that Dan has not read all the CP novels, it was me and Honey Graham (Em's boyfriend). We also had a discussion in the comments recently about them. All of his books are ODD and none are alike.

    This round-up is great! Isn't it fun how we can get these cool and interesting book ideas?

  3. Withering Tights. Heh, I love that title. Chuck Palahniuk is one of those guys you either like or you don't, I think. There's really no acquiring that taste. (I happen to like him, but then I like horror and he's up my alley.) I have yet to read any Terry Pratchett because there are so darned many Discworld books I'm never sure where to start. However, I loved Good Omens (with Neil Gaiman), I have an ARC of Pratchett's latest, so I think I'll try harder to find out.

  4. My tbr pile has come to a standstill. You'd think I would have more time to read with my youngest starting kindergarten and all the kids gone all day, but I started working part time. I don't know how those moms do it who work full time.
    I just picked up The Wild Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. That's been an amazing series, and I'm looking forward to reading this one.

  5. Judie - Maybe pirates 4 can be your reward for finishing nano.
    Julie - The thing is the premise of the book makes me want to read it but the format is offputting, for me anyway.
    Delia - How'd you get a Pratchett arc?
    Susan - Is Donnelly romance?

  6. Donnelly's Rose trilogy is an epic, multi-generational family drama. They take place over many years, and follow more than the main couple through life as they go through much heartbreak and also success before they are able to be together. The new one starts in 1914. They are phenomenal! I hope the third one is as good. I just read a few reviews on amazon, so we'll see.

  7. I'm glad you liked Tights! But it's far inferior to her other series, the first of which is Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging. I didn't even buy the books in that series, cause they're short and finished in an afternoon--I used the library.

    I read Fight Club. It was good, but his style wasn't such as to make me want to read his other stuff. There were some die hard fans at the store where I worked, but I think they were underwhelmed by his last book.