Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Romance Novel: Take A Chance On Me, Author: Susan Donovan

Do you stare at men's crotches?

On September 27th I posted a blog about a trilogy of novels Susan Donovan wrote centered around four ladies who formed a dog-walking club. I enjoyed all three books.

So while waiting for some new books to roll in from amazon (friend to those of us in rural areas), I rifled through the shelves of the local library for any other books my Ms Donovan.

Y'all this woman is a trip. I just love her. Her books are kind of like Erin McCarthy - if you've read many posts by me you know I love her, too - except replace the sexy single women heroines with funny, sexy soccer moms and replace the race car drivers with men in equally dangerous careers except funnier and more dysfunctional.

She's over the top in a good way. I'm going to give you a little taste of two of the books but really all of them I've read so far are devourable. And I don't dare say these two are my favorites because I have two more to read and they may be even better.

In Take a Chance On Me by Ms Donovan, Emma Jenkins is an animal behaviorist and Thomas Tobin comes to her with an ugly, crazy-high-strung, funny, lovable dog. The nature of the dog reflects the nature of Thomas except, of course, Thomas is handsome and sexy, not ugly.

(Talking about the fireflies they're watching)
     "You've got to hand it to the little bastards." Thomas caught her eye. "They're out there in their flashiest outfits, facing the possibility of rejection, giving it their best shot. Those little bugs have guts."
     Emma had been looking at his crotch--no doubt about it. This was an excellent development, but Thomas didn't quite see how he was going to capitalize on it.
Do women really stare at men's crotches? Cause I've never had the nerve to do that but the women in Donovan's novels always do. In fact, I don't really remember wanting to very often. Is there something wrong with me?

(Thomas walking his dog, Hairy)

     Thomas gave a few nervous glances around the street. He couldn't believe he was walking down a public sidewalk with a dog in a sweater. Dear God, there couldn't be a single thing more humiliating in this entire world.
     Unless, of course, Hairy had been out here in his maxi pad. Thomas sighed. Walking around the house with that thing tied around his waist, Hairy looked like a--well, he looked like an ugly dog in a Kotex. Thomas had laughed his ass off at first, but soon discovered the crazy scheme had saved him about three cleanup jobs in one evening alone.

(Thomas has some trust issues)

"And God, here's the deal Emma--you can do whatever you want to me now--poison my cornflakes--"
She was already laughing.
"--put a bomb under the hood of my car, or ground glass in my popcorn, or booby-trap the basement steps, and baby, I'd never see it coming because I love you so much it's killing me."
Emma finished laughing and kissed his cheek. "Or I could just put all that creative energy into loving you--did that ever occur to you, Thomas?"

It's a book to read when you want to laugh and have your heart warmed. Or you could read Public Displays of Affection by Ms Donovan because it has the same laugh enducing, heart heating-up effects.

Charlotte Trasker is the quintessential soccer mom and Joe Bellacera is the quintessential tough-guy, undercover DEA agent. But when it comes to sex, Charlotte is hiding more than Joe.

     Charlotte put away her poetry journal. She removed her convenient handheld lover from its soft cotton storage sleeve. Then she made that mysterious battery-powered journey through memory and fantasy until she arrived at the only kind of release she'd known since that perfect afternoon thirteen years ago, in the arms of the man with the greedy hands, the insistent mouth, the endless dark eyes that swallowed her soul. 
That's right. Our soccer mom writes erotic poetry and pleasures herself.

There's an out-of-control scene that is so much fun to read where Joe sees Charlotte through binoculars. They end up in a tent in her backyard and he asks her what she was writing. She tells him erotic poetry and he wants to hear a poem.

"I want to hear one. The hottest one you've ever written. Give it to me."...
"How about something short and to the point?"...
"It's called Nice Pants."...
"I'm listening."...
She rose up so he could get at anything he might want; then she shouted out;
"Nice pants.
Take them off."
And that is the magic of Susan Donovan. I reccommend that you read everything she's written or will write. Cheri On Top is out recently. I read it. Susan hasn't disappointed me yet. It is to be followed by I Want Candy which comes out Feb. 28, 2012. COT is the story of Cherise and IWC is the story of her friend, Candace.

I live for adding another book to my ever-growing, to-be-read list. Thank you, Susan Donovan.


  1. Okay, now I've got to read this woman's books! Library, here I come.

    Hmm. I stare at men's hands and forearms. I only glance surreptitiously at their crotches.

  2. Umm...No. I don't believe I've ever been tempted to stare at a man's crotch (not even surreptitiously). Hands are way more important. The books sound funny. :)

  3. If he was wearing a codpiece I might be tempted to look in that direction, simply because he would be advertising it... but other than that, nope..not a crotch watcher.

    Books sound like fun.

  4. Maybe she's a crotch whisperer. ; )

    These books do sound like fun. I need fun after the serious book I finished last night. Thanks for this.

  5. I'm glad so far you're all with me.
    A crotch whisperer - Robena you are a riot!

  6. Stare? I don't think I stare at them, but I have looked. I look at all of their parts, I'm very visual.

    Thanks for the new suggestions! These sound like great fun.

    About that last post, I liked 17. But then I've liked all of Janet's books, and yes, I have read all that are out, or re-out. I know, odd. All of Palahnuik's and all of Evanovich's and all of Charlaine Harris's... when I find an authour I enjoy, I just have to read everything they've written. (OCD is so entertaining.) Some are obviously better than others, but that's how it goes.