Thursday, December 15, 2011

Work In Progress: An appetizer

When I started to write this I thought I'd have more by now. Then menopause reared it's powerful head and I've been in a fog for a couple of days.

Still, there's this much. It's a little taste, the appetizer, the opening, of the new novel that I'm ALMOST ready to write.

Veronica Ryder couldn't remember when the dimes started coming. They dropped out of vending machine change returns at her feet. They appeared in parking lots beside her car when she opened her doors. She found them when looking for things like recipes or telephone numbers, lying alone and random, on tables. They multiplied in her purse, and played in her pockets, driving away quarters and nickels. They stared out at her from pictures taken by friends who didn't realize one could be driven crazy by the mere appearance of coins.

She couldn't even remember when she knew they were a message she was sending to herself.

Just like the owls. She had counted five random owl sightings before it occured to her that something was up.

Then came the coyotes.

On the way to Sunday lunch with her friends she made the third coyote sighting when one darted across the road in front of her. She began to think she was losing her mind.

Carla Spears and Georgia Thatcher were sitting at a table digging into the chips and salsa when she arrived. They each looked to be halfway through a bottle of beer.

"Where's Maddie?" Veronica asked.

"She's on her way. She sounds mad," Georgia said.

"Maddie never gets mad," Carla said, "must be serious."

Next comes a part that I can't write yet cause I need to research but I will say that Maddie (Madonna Lyons) has been wronged by a mysoginistic man who puts on demolition derby events.

Veronica was glad she'd only drank one beer and one cup of coffee. She'd been in good shape to drive everyone home. Now alone again after dropping her three friends off, her thoughts turned back to the dimes. And the owls. And the coyotes. The message was still muddy but it was like a car windshield; the wipers were making places of visibility on the glass and soon it would all be clear.

The dimes were easy. Cyclical changes. New things happening. Her life was headed in a new direction. She needed to stay alert for signposts directing her course.

The owls were about being lead out of darkness. Or leading others out of darkness. She wasn't sure which was appropriate this time. They could also be harbingers of death but that didn't resonate right now.

The coyotes were a little harder. They were known as the tricksters. Either she needed to be on the lookout for someone trying to trick her or she was going to trick someone else. That last one was hard to believe.

Her instincts told her the crux of the message centered around that asshole Crosby Yates and his treatment of women, like Maddie, at his events. Was she going to trick Crosby Yates? That was a scary thought. He was a scary man.

So much of the story is there waiting to leap out onto the page but like Veronica's windshield, it's still muddy.

What are you writing right now?


  1. This is very exciting! (I love the name Madonna Lyons.)

    I'm barely able to manage blog replies, and even that's questionable.

    TOMORROW will be better! (Why does this sound familiar?)

  2. What a great premise for a story -- it sounds intriguing! You should definitely keep going with it.

    I'm still working on the second book in my series. Hoping to finish soon, but the holidays might get in the way of that.

  3. Your writing is exquisite! I'm very excited to read this book. That first paragraph grabbed me and now I'm on the hook.

  4. Julie - I like all their names. And there's a reason behind them. Hehehe.
    Linda - I'm still waiting to read your first book!
    Skye - glad you liked the first teeny part. More to come soon.

  5. Judy, Thanks for following me and adding me to your blogroll. I'm following you and will add you to my blogroll too.

  6. Ursula - welcome!
    Kris - hehehe gotcha! I am having troubles with the research, though. I'm chomping at the bit to write but I keep hitting roadblocks.