Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Romance Novel: The Winston Brothers, Author: Lori Foster

Fostering Smiles

I like Lori Foster. It surprises me considering that she does something I detest. Let me explain...

When I was young I used to snag my mother's Harlequin romances and read them at night, in bed, under my covers, with a flashlight. I got bored and quit reading them at around age thirteen for two reasons.

One - they always ended in a chaste kiss in the sunset of their marriage plans. I didn't buy it or want it, even at thirteen. Let me tell you - Lori Foster doesn't do that. No way. Some of her books even carry an erotica label in the library.

Two - the old Harlequins always featured a reformed rogue and a near virgin. Lori Foster does do that. I hated that double standard. And I still do. So why do I love her books even though it embarrasses me that I do?

 For one thing, her virgins or near virgins are never that way for morality purposes. Also, they don't typically have their general dislike of sex overcome with a need for sex with the newly reformed rogue. Oh no, they are generally seeking out sex and eager for it. That's a little more believable.

The series I'm currently reading started with 3 short stories in a book titled The Winston Brothers. That was followed by the second book in the series, Wild, about the fourth Winston brother, Zane, and the gypsy he falls in love with. Her name is Tamara and she falls in the category of virgin eager to learn about sex.
She said low, "I want you for sex."
..."I want you," she boldly continued, fanning the flames, "to share your body with me, and let me give you mine."
Slowly hypnotically, she lowered her lashes and added, with a small shrug, "That's all."
Zane resists but not for long. Eventually he gives her everything she wants and more. He succombs to the 'Winston brothers curse'.

Stories of the Winston Brothers leads to a second series called the Visitation series. It starts with Say No To Joe about crude cousin, Joe Winston, who falls in love with Luna Clark and the two kids she takes on to raise.
"All right!" Brows drawn, expression stern, she said, "I have two kids."
...Finally, eyes watering, Joe sputtered, "The hell you say? Must've been one quick birth."
"Are you going to be serious or not?"
Joe clutched his aching ribs. "Believe me, sweetheart, I'm as serious as a nun on Sunday."
The Visitation series has five books: 1- Say No To Joe, 2-Secret Life of Bryan, 3-When Bruce Met Cyn, 4-Just A Hint, Clint, and 5-Jamie. Those I've read are light and funny and definitely kept me turning pages.

Like the book The Winston Brothers, the book Tempted is three stories of related people; Dr. Daniel Sawyers, Annie Sawyers and Max Sawyers. Max is a reformed rake from the beginning of the book. He's reformed for a unique reason.
He was on a bride hunt, and since his bride absolutely had to get along with his dog--he was marrying for the dog, after all, to give Cleo a stable home and the love and acceptance she'd never had--he couldn't help taking note of the somewhat tenuous friendship forming right before his eyes. It amazed him.
Of course, Maddie, the one woman who understands his dog, doesn't want to get married. She just wants sex. With Max. So he has to convince her to want more. And he does.

That's a different take on the old Harlequins that always featured a hero who wanted no part of marriage and an angel who changed his mind.

Lori Foster takes part in several anthologies also. One such anthology is Hot and Bothered which features her story, Luring Lucy. Lucy is the story of a woman who was widowed right before she divorced and the best friend of her dead/ex husband, Bram, who is in love with her.

Whether what she's written is long or short, if Lori Foster wrote it, I want to read it!

She's a very prolific writer. Go to her website to check out her bibliography.

Are you surprised about your enjoyment of a certain author? Who? Why?

I made my embarrassing confession. Your turn...


  1. Ha, I was just thinking yesterday that my enjoyment of Lori Foster surprises me. I like some better than others, though. "Say No to Joe" is my favorite of hers. I read "Caught in the Act" over the weekend, and although it's kind of clumsy in places (I think it was an early one), it's also a good read. I get to the end of her books and think, why did I enjoy that so much? and I keep reading them. Her early ones are short, so they are perfect for when I don't have time to read a full-length book.

  2. I just got a Kindle and so I can now stock pile books in the 'cloud' to be read.

    I love hearing what you think about the books you've read and have never led me astray.

  3. I don't think I've ever read Lori Foster. Must go explore. I don't read a lot of romance but I'd say my all time favorite romance authors are Jenny Crusie and Pat Gaffney.

  4. Barb - I know, why do we, modern women, like her so much? I love Say No To Joe - thanks again for sending it to me.

    Judie - glad we share tastes in reading!

    Robena - Barb also sent me a Pat Gaffney - it will be the first of hers I've read. Looking forward to it, though historical is not my favorite.

  5. I haven't read any of hers. I'll have to look her up.

  6. BTW... I once read a super interesting paper about girls reading traditional Harlequins in India. They were college age women, virgins, expected to stay that way til marriage etc. -- so they could still identify with those old books, and reading them was a sort of rebellion etc.

    I think it might have been this one:


    Twas verrah interesting.