Friday, December 2, 2011

Lovin Lori and quilt block pics

Lately I've been plowing through Lori Foster books. I surprise myself by enjoying them immensely. I'm going to write a genuine novel truths blog about them this weekend when I have time to savor the writing.

Meanwhile - quilt block pics -

Kat's first:

This is at the center of hers. It's a picture she took at Garden of the Gods in Illinois. Here is the whole block:

Jay's is a product of his current interests in writing and drawing graphic novels and being a cartoonist. 

Smurf Village.

Good effort on both of their parts, I thought.

Tonight is my daughter, Liz's senior art show at her college. I'm so excited.

And, of course, I'm just generally glad it's Friday and I'll have 2 days away from the sucky job.

What are y'all up to?


  1. Reading four books at the same time, a biography, a companion, a new dragon in the series and ... what the hell is that other one?

    I've read several Lori Fosters and loved them.

    Great blocks, than you so much for sharing!

  2. Beautiful quilt blocks! Gosh, I made a few quilts eons ago. Now you've made me nostalgic for quilting.

  3. Oh, cute! Love the smurfs. It's a fantastic effort. :)

  4. The quilt blocks are awesome. I really admire people who have the tallent to create things like that.

    This weekend will be shoe shopping with daughter, date night with hubbie and pure vegetation on Sunday.