Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Comedy Movie: Rango, Guacamole Recipe, Cactus: Spanish Dagger Yucca

chameleons, cactus and guacamole

I have a funny relationship with animated movies. I think I don't like them. I think I only tolerate them for my gkids. Not true. I watch them with my gkids and am frequently surprised at how much I like them.

Especially when this man is the voice of the hero:
This weekend I watched Rango. It was a funny, funny movie. The kind of movie that, while my gkids loved it, there were things that went right over their heads, planted deliberately for adults.

Some kids would get this, some wouldn't:

Rango: "Reptiles gotta stick together, brother."
Buford: "I'm an amphibian."
Rango: "Ain't no shame in that."

There was a lot of flippant philisophizing - I love that.

Spirit of the West to Rango: "No man can walk out of his own story."

Rango: "Is this Heaven?"
Spirit of the West: "If it were, we'd be eating strawberry Pop-Tarts with Kim Novak."

The next time I want to insult or threaten someone and have them question whether or not I'm teasing, I hope I remember this line:

Bad Bill: "If I see your face in this town again I'm gonna slice it off. And use it to wipe my unmentionables."

And here's a great arrogant warning:

Rango: "When you see me coming', stand aside. I take large steps and I don't want none of you hayseeds gettin' your bodily fluids on my boots!"

There's the obligatory sappy romance with lines like this from the spunky heroine:

Beans: "Who didn't wanna find some place wonderful?"

My favorite line of the whole film was one said by Mariachi owl #1:

Owl 1: "And so the stranger basks in the adulation of his new friends. Sinking deeper into the guacamole of his own deception."

I swear everyday I find myself sinking deeper into the guacamole of my own deception. Don't you?

Random recipe - my version of guacamole (coincidentally the only version I like):
2 or 3 avocados soft but not too soft crushed with a fork
juice of one lemon (juice it and keep adding to your taste)
tip end of a jalepeno pepper diced tiny
onion salt to taste

The film Rango also answered a question I've been asking myself; what would be the right plant to name Shane after Shane in Agnes and the Hitman?

Answer: the Spanish Dagger Yucca

It looks like this:

Do you agree or does some other houseplant strike you as Shane? What about Agnes? Thorny flower or cactus flower or something else entirely?


  1. Looks like a Shane to me. Agnes strikes me as more of a rhododendron, expansive and kind of tangled, but pretty flowers.

    I was kind of lukewarm on Rango, but then I'm kind of lukewarm on Johnny Depp, too. Sacrilege, I know. He's just a little...I dunno...greasy for me, I guess. I'm more of a Pixar/The Incredibles kind of a gal.

  2. I hadn't seen Rango -- but it sounds like it could be cute.

    Shane - without a doubt. Shane

  3. Excellent picture of Johnny Depp. *sigh*

    I thought Rango was weird. Good lines, funny in spots, but ultimately just kind of weird. So did the kids.

    Agnes is like an artichoke. Hard work, but worth it when you get to the good stuff. Or a pomegranate. Or something.

  4. Great post. I love that guacamole line. : )
    Definitely Shane.
    Agnes is like bougainvillea, rambling strong vines, beautiful red flowers, but comes with prickles.

  5. Haven't seen Rango yet. I'll have to get hold of it -- sounds like something I'd enjoy.

  6. Oh Johnny Depp, we are going to have to fight over him 'til the very bitter end, my dear!

    I had trouble with Rango simply because of the type of animals that were in it, kinda too rat-faced for me. But ya know, Johnny Depp, so......

    Oh, not voting in the plant election, I only have favorites and don't know enough others to say.

  7. " the guacamole of his own deception" - awesome sauce

    I LOVE guacamole. My fave recipe from a cookbook:

    - I don't like to mash, I prefer to score the avocado and then scoop it into the bowl, so I have little squares
    - a tomato
    - lime juice to taste
    - salt, pepper
    - and a little bit of cumin!

  8. Delia & Judie - Shane :)
    Karen - I checked out your suggestion of an artichoke for Agnes - nourishes people but you have to work at it, prickly, can be grown inside in a pot, beautiful flower - my only question that I haven't found an answer for is; how long do they live?
    Robena - I'm a sucker for lines like that.
    Linda - it is your kind of sick - oops I mean sophisticated humor.
    Julie dear - you can not have JD cause you have DO.
    Mabel - I'll have to try that. I love me some guac.