Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good news, bad news, sleepy

Let's start out with the good news, shall we?

My sucky job just got extremely less sucky. I have attained a switch to the after hours call center. 28 hours, nights, weekends and holidays. I'll have  life again. I can write again. I can read blogs & make comments again. I can spend time with my gkids again. I don't have to answer 8 long hours worth of phone calls from unhappy customers again. I just have to deal with crazies and people who legitimately need help with their O2 tanks.

I want to celebrate so I looked for a happy dance song and ended up with this one instead cause it always makes me want to jump dance:

No Sleep Tonight from the Faders.

Funny, really because it's a very good lead in to the bad news and the sleep part of our post.

I'm snowed in overnight at my daughters. (Snow being the bad news.) Which means I could use the laptop all night to play except I'm too


For the first time in a couple of days, y'all. Can't keep my eyes open.

Oh, I do have to tell you, though; the new job comes with more good news - a 4 day weekend before I start. I'm going to get that contemplation time that Julie the good witch has been seeing in my future for a while now.

Oh, oh, oh and did anyone see the bing pic today. It's the most beautiful OWL. I went speechless for ten minutes when I saw it. If you missed it, go to bing and if they've moved on to a new pic, page back to the owl using the little arrow.

Now I have to go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Editted to add: ps - Taffy's unfinished backstory was mistakenly  posted for a sec. Sorry. I'll post it for reals when it's done. Read your comment Delia - thanks!


  1. wow, congrats on the four day weekend and the new hours at work. Sounds great. Snow would be good news around here-- the ski slopes are not very ski-able. There are "pray for snow" signs all over town. Wish we could take some of yours! I'm glad you're snug and safe tonight! and LOVE the song! I'm off to iTunes to find it.

  2. This is ALL good news! (Isn't is?)

    So glad you get to move on to more reasonable hours! That nine-to-five (or whatever) is pure crap and just bad besides.

    The owl was OUTSTANDING!!!

    Barb and LondonMabel, I cannot get in to your places, I can see the home page post but when I click ANYTHING the entire page goes blank white and won't budge.
    Insert angry/frusted/sad wee witch face here.

  3. Barb - It's a catchy song - glad you like it. I found it on the soundtrack for traveling pants movie.

    Julie - I really was struck by that owl.

  4. I rarely use bing but go there sometimes when google doesn't cut it. I just happened to go to bing this week and was mesmerized by the momma and baby snuggly cuddly somekinda bear animal. It's 3 arrows back from that gorgeous owl!

  5. Wonderful pic! I never use bing, just google, but I might try it sometimes just for the pics. :)

    Amazing song! I used zamzar to convert it to an mp3 so I can listen to it until I can check out the rest of their album and see if I want to buy it. Really made me dance, which is a trick. Three minutes and I was all out of breath. Better do that a few times a day, then!

    Looking forward to Taffy's backstory.

  6. Great song and really glad to hear about all your good news :-)

  7. Monica & Skye - I use bing as my homepage because I don't want to be distracted by a page full of headlines or celebrity stuff everytime I log on. I saw that pic of the baby whatever it was peeking out from moma. It was adorable.

    Kris - I was so happy to take my last call of the day today before I packed up my stuff & headed to the other side of the building.

  8. I was able to access you from a comment on Julie's blog. But I can't link to you from my blog list. I redid the link, but it still tells me you don't exist. Most computer things are a me thing, and I'll have my son look at it next week, if I can't figure it out. Just wanted to let you know why I'm ignoring you. ;)

  9. OMG SOOOO happy for you!!! I'm ideally looking for a 30 hour/week job too, cause 40 is just time and energy suck. Nice work if you can get it. ;-)

    I'm gonna go look for that owl cause Mrs Brownlow LOVES owls. (I know she reads some Betty blogs, but I don't know which! So just to be safe... can't let her miss the owl.)