Friday, January 20, 2012

Paranormal Romance Novel: Copper Beach, The Scargill Cove Case Files, Author: Jayne ann Krentz

I am such a ding dong. Don't correct my languaging. It's true. Remember how I was looking forward to my 100th post this year. I MISSED IT. Can you believe that? chameleons, cactus and guacamole on Janruary 10th was my one hundredth blogpost.

Pitiful. That's what I am.

Anywho - now that I realize I'll think of some way to celebrate.

Meanwhile... a book from my 2012 list is now available here:

I just finished reading it and, as usual, it's excellent. This woman never disappoints me. And she has written A LOT of books.

I'm happy to say that this one is the first in either a trilogy or a series.

It's a paranormal romance but not vampires or anything. The spunky, quirky heroine (which is one of JAK's delightful specialties) can decode or unlock the supernatural encryption on certain books. And the lustful, eyes-only-for-the-heroine, super deadly hero, uses crystals in supernatural ways.

There's a dark house on an island. There's family drama on both sides. There's more than one bad guy.

I read it once and I plan on reading it again. Soon.

While looking for it in amazon, I stumbled on this:

Guess what? IT'S FREE! If you have a kindle or one of those free kindle apps on your computer. (The free app is what I have.) I just downloaded it so I haven't read it, but, based on my history with JAK, it's good.

And a free way to get a taste of her. Can't beat that.

On  a personal front - we're having a family blowout on Sunday. Gson's birthday - he's eleven - and we're cutting up a downed tree for firewood for my daughter. Good excuses for a grill out. Hope the weather is warm.

What's everyone up to this weekend?


  1. Aww, sorry you missed your 100th post. But you can still celebrate, right? Just make it a 100+ celebration. :)

    I love JAK -- will have to go check those out.

    1. Yeah I'll do some kind of celebration. Not sure what yet.

  2. ooo I'll have to down load it when I get home.

    Sorry you missed you 100th... blows.

    Have a fun Sunday!! No plans yet, but it's gonna be a good one to make up for being sick last weekend. A three day weekend for me and I spent it sleeping.

  3. Sorry you missed your hundredth. Booo. But YAY for free books! This weekend I shall be avoiding snow and wintry temperatures by staying inside and watching football. Ahhhh. Happy Birthday, Grandson!

  4. Well, crap. Sorry about missing that milestone, but I like the idea of 100+.

    Dan got a bonus day off and I think we are going to the hippie home show tomorrow.

    Happy Happy to Grandson!

  5. Happy 100! I never notice these things on my blog.

  6. I have about decided to celebrate the hundred posts and year one together in March. I have kind of a good idea. We'll see.

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