Friday, January 6, 2012

janglies vs crystal clarity

Okay - big sigh - not confessing exactly, more like free thought journaling.

I've been thinking about the demolition derby novel I want to write. The thing is, the story is there but the research is problematic and I don't think I can change that until the weather improves.

Say what - what's the weather got to do with researching my book? I can only get to demolition derbies when the weather is better and these folks aren't sitting around at their computers answering email questions.

So I may have to postpone that book and do another one first.

This sets off all kinds of janglies in my head.

But, but I already put up a taste of the other one and people will think I'm flaky if I don't write it.

Uh, hello - I am flaky whether I write it or not. This blogpost kinda proves that, eh?

But, but Jenny Crusie says that if a new book tempts you away from the old book that's just distraction.

I really don't think she meant that as a federal law or anything. Just a warning. Maybe sometimes a new book calls because it's not time for the old one.

But, but if I do that the other book may never be written because, my esteemed dearies, y'all know it's against the rules that I should write 2 books in one year or keep thoughts of a book in my head for more than a year.

Then my beloved Julie (or the person who wrote the cards in her card draw du jour, not sure which) wrote this:

"When you choose this card, it means that there is a crystal clarity available right now, detached, rooted in the deep stillness that lies at the core of your being.
There is no desire to understand from the perspective of the mind – the understanding you have now is existential, whole, in harmony with the pulse of life itself. Accept this great gift, and share it.”

At which time I knew with 'crystal clarity' that the next post-a-chapter-a-week-on-my-blog novel I write will be the one that started coming into my consciousness the moment I read the name of Anne Stuart aka Krissie aka Kristina Douglas's sister - Taffy - and knew that Taffy is a character in a novel I will write or the name of a houseplant who will be the friend and confidant of the protagonist in said novel. Not sure which.

So I'm ignoring my mind which tells me that postponing the demo derby book, even though it would be better research-wise to write it later, is failure.

And, "in harmony with the pulse of life itself," cleaning out the sun-filled attic room in my head, for the still-a-seed novel that comes first.

Take that you janglies.

Anybody know of a plant for which Taffy would be a good proper name?


  1. I think The Lure happens because (a) this Call of the Other Book reaches maximum desirability when you've reached a difficult time in the First Book, so it's not really about the Other Book, it's about you having to face down First Book and push through the hard parts. And (b) working on a book just gets the creative brain going and you get all kinds of ideas. I've been Tempted by New Book all my writing life, and when in university too.

    And if you give into it, then you never finish anything.

    BUT it doesn't sound like this is what's happening to you. You're not bored with editing, or stuck in a frustrating part. You've reached a legitimate technical glitch.

    As opposed to the stuck-point I'm at, where my book's not funny enough and that's frustrating me. Not a legitimate reason for moving to something else. In fact, my amount of daydreaming about other projects is probably lockstep with my dissatisfaction with a project.

    ...As for the plant, though. I'm a plant-killer. So no help. But look forward to reading it. :-)

  2. "a legitimate technical glitch" - I like that. Thanks, Mabel.

  3. Um, not to throw a monkey wrench into your thought process, but have you checked out YouTube for demolition derby clips? It's amazing what you can find there -- people will put of videos of stuff you'd never even think to research. I've found it to be a great jumping off point for getting the feel of places I've never been to -- I call it "You-search" instead of research.

    That said, I do like the sound of a plant named Taffy as a confidant. *grin* Maybe a rubber tree plant?

  4. Taffy the diffenbachia. Taffy the creeping charlie. Taffy the Aloe. I do house plants that are difficult to kill.