Monday, January 2, 2012

Keep your diamonds. I want books.

"Everyone on Earth has a treasure that awaits him."  Paulo Coelho from The Alchemist

I'm not a him, Paulo, darling. I do recognize my treasure, though. It's books. And the treasure chest that is 2012 is overflowing!

It's filled with books that I long for so much it could actually be said that I crave them:
"And I have two books that have over 60,000 words each, and I should finish them." Jennifer Crusie Yes, that's right. In all likelihood we will see 2 new books from my absolute-all-time-favorite author.

Hopefully Crusie's good friend and another great writer, Anne Stuart will come out with something, too. Preferably something icy. And if it's only for Kindle, that's okay. We can do that.

Lucy March's eagerly anticipated, A Little Night Magic is out on 1/31/12. I had the privilege of reading an ARC and believe me, you want to carve out money to buy and time to read, this one!

First up time-wise is Copper Beach by Jayne Anne Krentz due out on 1/10/12. That's right. Only one week away! The bonus is this one is the start of a new series by JAK called the Dark Legacy series. 

Amanda Quick aka JAK also has a new series starting this year; the Flint and Marsh series first book out will be Crystal Gardens in April. My shelfari friend Ursula also looks forward to these series here.

In similar fashion A Fitting End by Melissa Bourbon, out 2/7/12, the second book in her Magical Dressmaker series will be followed later this year by Bare Naked Lola, the third in her Lola Cruz series which she's written as Misa Ramirez.

Out on the same day, 2/7/12, is Breakaway, the latest in the New York Blades series by Deidre Martin.

Susan Donovan follows up her fun book, Cheri On Top with I Want Candy out on 2/28/12.

Tawna Fenske's second book, Believe It Or Not, comes out 3/1/12. Go Tawna! Go Tawna!

Louisa Edwards starts her Recipe For Love series with Hot Under Pressure out 3/27/12.

The Garden of Happy Endings which could only be a Barbara O'Neal title will be out  4/17/12.

On the same day, 4/17/12, Let's Pretend This Never Happened; A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, comes out. I will need to buy some adult diapers before I crack it open.

Rescue Me by Rachel Gibson comes out 5/29/12 but I can't tell if it's another of the Chinook series or not.

Jacked Up, the sixth book in the steamy hot Fast Track series by Erin McCarthy comes out 6/5/12.

The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips comes out 7/10/12.

Linda Grimes makes her debut with In A Fix out sometime in July, 2012.

That's just the scheduled ones. I wouldn't be surprised to dig out treasure from Melissa Senate or Mary Alice Monroe or Lois Greiman or Susan Andersen or Victoria Dahl or Lori Foster or, or, or...

Editted to add: Kate George fans like me also hope for a new Bree McGowan or the long-awaited Mermaid Girl book this year!

One person we probably won't hear from is Diana Gabaldon cause while she gave us a tease of Written In My Own Heart's Blood, the next in the Outlander series, in the back of The Scottish Prisoner, the latest of her Lord John books, she's busy filling it with pages of crap that I, at least, will not read, so it won't come out until 2013. Would someone please get that woman an editor/publisher who knows how to say NO?

Bitter party of one. I own it.

Also exciting is the prospect of the unknown. The unknown author's writing the unknown books. This time next year I'll have added them to my list.

You might notice that almost everyone on my list is of the romance genre. I am PROUD to say that I read romance almost exclusively. Denigrate it all you will, you snobby critics you. The writers I love will laugh at you all the way to the bookstore shelves where they sold 1.358 billion dollars worth of books in 2010.

That's a lot of treasure!


  1. Oh Diana. What the hell are we going to do with her?

    So much to look forward to. Very cool round up!

  2. You're going to be a busy little reading beaver! (As will we all heh heh.)

  3. Wow! what a great list, Ms. Judy! I'm keeping this list and reading along with you! As a romance writer, I have to say I'm glad you're almost exclusively reading romance. I hope you'll include mine as well, RULE NUMBER ONE comes out in e-book March 6 from BookStrand Publishing. Thanks!!!

  4. Nan - that's wonderful. Of course I'll read yours! See - those unknowns are peeking out already!

  5. All right, look. I can't keep adding to my TBR pile like this. I don't have that much room/time/money. Could you at least keep it to one book per post? You're killing me, here.

  6. Dearie - none of these are even out yet!

  7. Doesn't matter, they're still in the list. And the pile gets higher. Plus, you can bet for each title listed, by the time it comes out, there'll be four more to go with it. I'm doomed.

  8. Drowning under a sea of books...not a bad way to go.
    Looks like a good year :-)

  9. What a great list! It's an honor to be included on it. :)

    BTW, the pub date for IN A FIX has been shifted to sometime in September, due to the idiosyncrasies of publishing. Probably something to do with the phases of the moon. *grin*