Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paranormal Romance Novel: A Little Night Magic, Author: Lucy March

Update - According to Jennifer Crusie the book has already gone in for a second printing so if you want a first edition - BUY IT NOW.


I was lucky enough to read an ARC of the book. And it was gooood. I want to urge you to buy it, but even more to the point - I want to urge you to buy it TODAY because that helps Lucy get the recognition she needs to be on lists. You know those powerful lists. And she deserves to be there. This book deserves to be there.

It deserves it for the laughter it evokes:

"In a knee-jerk response of vigilance after a thousand cautionary tales from my grandmother based on True Stories from the Reader's Digest, I took in the little details about him for the police report I'd probably never have to file..."

Funny and yet, grandmothers are like that sometimes. Mine was.

It deserves it for the smiles it brings:

Stay at the bed and breakfast but - "Come here for breakfast, though. Addie puts flaxseed in everything she cooks."

That's really only good in theory.

"And I had to do something about that, because loving this man was going to kill me."

I smile even though, or maybe because, I've been there.

"It takes a while to accept that you have magical power, and here's why: I'ts insane."

Lovable main character, Liv Kiskey, discovers that she has a magical power. It's a sweet, funny, heartwarming power that, at first seems useless. She makes it work for her, though.

A Little Night Magic deserves to be on the lists because it is laden with truths written in Lucy March voice that are user-friendly, irrefutable, valuable and powerful.

"Any man who doesn't appreciate a woman with curves probably doesn't really like women much to begin with, anyway."

Maybe if it's said enough times in enough different ways, it will be heard.

"Spontaneity without commitment is just wishful thinking."

Of course, a little discretion about what to commit to and what to dismiss as crazy, is important, also.

"If you can't get the happy endings you want, sometimes you have to settle for the ones you can have."


Liv Kiskey, however does get the happy ending she wants.

Another of the many reasons why it's such a great book.


  1. I'm really looking forward to this one!

  2. Can't wait to get this one. It was so long ago she posted that first chapter on her old website. Now it's here!

  3. I will purchase it when I get home. I loved the first chapeter and have looked forward to reading the book. YaY!!

    1. I almost put a disclaimer up because I didn't pick any of the funniest, best things to quote here. I wanted to give people a taste without spoiling their dinner, so to speak.
      The book is that good. I really hope it generates the income L / L deserves for it.