Friday, January 27, 2012

Part Gloom, Part Happy

And not Lucy's assistant Gloom from Don't Look Down by the romance guru goddess, Jennifer Crusie and her thrice-was cohort Bob Mayer, either.

Sing with me, y'all -

Gloom, despair and agony on me
Deep dark depression
Excessive misery

(If you're familiar with the song you'll get this next reference);
but not bad luck.
Just a definite lack of sunshine.( My dad used to sing that song sometimes to exaggerate his dark moods.)

I am so sick of these clouds. I am glad to have enough heat that they're just bringing rain and not snow and ice that makes road conditions slippery. If the clouds would only disappear a couple of hours a day and let the sun shine.

So I bring you this. Sing along with me. I know you know the lyrics even though it's Chris Martin singing them instead of George Harrison. (There's an even better version by Gale Mead but, alas, it's not on youtube.) (Also, if you're impatient like me, skip 30 seconds ahead past the talk.)

If we all sing loud enough maybe the sun will peek through for a while.

Does the weather effect your moods?

My mood improves greatly when I think about this, 34 years ago I was on the way to the hospital (in snow and ice) to deliver my baby girl, Lizzie. She is also know as Liz, busy Lizzie, dizzy Lizzy and Lizard's Breath.

This one is for her:

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth, my sweet, beautiful, intelligent baby!


  1. I'll admit to singing that next line sometimes:

    *If it weren't for bad luck,
    I'd have no luck at all . . .
    Gloom, despair, agony on meeeee."

  2. Happy Happy to your beautiful girl!

    (And I am banishing all gloom from your life, effective immediately,
    nothing but sunshiney good times ahead.
    Because right now, I say so.)

    1. You know how there are versions of a log burning in a fireplace that come out at xmas. They should do the equivalent for sun shine in winter.

  3. Happy Birthday to Lizard's Breath! May the next 34 be better than the first 34. And I hope your days get brighter, too, Judy. :)

    1. Okay the nested comments are misbehaving and the mouse is making me dizzy.
      About the clouds and dark days - they are turning brighter - the feelings have morphed a little. That song Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone popped into my head. That reminded me of the scene in one of my favorite movies, The Mexican, where Brad Pitt says that about Julia Roberts.
      And then, Brad Pitt, ah, there's sunshine.
      lol am I not ridiculous?
      Thanks for all the bday wishes for Lizzie.

  4. Aw, hope those clouds clear away soon. :)

    And Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!

    1. see above, I'm hopeless at computers.

  5. Dark days do make for dark moods. Here's to some sunshine in your life.

    Happy B-Day to your baby girl!!

  6. Popping over to her blog, she seems like a very intelligent young lady. Is she doing a teaching degree or something? The bit about students not understanding was plagiarism is bad was very interesting.

    You passed on your clever genes!

  7. In Dec she finished her ba in art. Now both my daughters who quit high school and got their ged's, have college degrees.

    And she is very intelligent. As is her sister. Although they are as different as night and day.