Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Young Adult Novel: Withering Tights, Author: Louise Rennison

My reclaimed life 

 It feels so good to have my life back. Before reclamation, right at this moment I would have been sitting in a cubicle for hours taking phone calls that start with - "I just received my order today, and..." Here's a hint - they never ended with "It was perfect. You guys did a great job."

Instead, I've read the book No More Diets by Allen Carr, which is excellent, btw and given Gladys a new home.

I didn't take a before pic but just so you know, Gladys is a wise woman Aloe. She has birthed many generations of progeny that now reside in various homes, curing burns, etc. But she, and all her offspring were refusing to anchor their roots in the soil so I had to give them a new home.

New clay pot. New cactus soil. New teepee type support system made of kabob skewers. Now they will hopefully be happy.

Isn't Gladys beautiful?

Speaking of beautiful plants - I don't know how many will figure into the new novel, tenatively titled, Tangible Taffy - but I've started to get pics & stuff just in case.

Here are the ladies of the canyon, Trina, Annie and Estrella:

If you don't recognize the origin of their names, they're from this song by Joni Mitchell:

Back to my reclaimed life -

Saturday I went outside for a bit cause it was nice, though cold. Other wise I mostly researched various things for the new novel.

Sunday I read an entire book out loud to my gkids. It's a book I learned about from London Mabel. The title is Withering Tights and it's by Louise Rennison. I read it and loved it so I wanted to share it with them. Especially Kat who turns 14 in March. The book is about a 14 year old and all her shennanigans. Even 10 year old Jay listened, though, in his play-with-my-ipod-while-listening way. It is 263 pages and took the better part of our day, but they were into it so I just didn't stop.
Part of the time we were reading at the lake. It was a gorgeous sunny day.

In fifteen minutes, I'm leaving to take them to kidfit class. I've missed doing that.

And I don't have to report back to work until Wednesday at 4pm when I will spend only 5 hours as training day one for my job not fixing the mistakes careless people make while taking orders.

Now this, dearies, is living.

Editted to add: Damn Barbara Samuel and her book, No Place Like Home, making me cry and cry. If it didn't have such a sweet, happy ending, I don't think I could forgive her.


  1. So happy things are turning around for you! I have a Gladys, myself (though unnamed). It's the only plant that's ever survived belonging to me.

    1. It's amazing how indestructible succulents are as a rule. And I love that word 'succulent.'

  2. Love that you name your plants. I have named and talk to my fish, which friends think is awfully odd. : ) It's lovely that you read to your GK's and it will be a wonderful memory for them. I have precious memories of my grandmother, and she taught me so much.

    1. Evanovich says that in her Plum books she gave Stephanie her hamster, Rex, so there would be a heartbeat in her apartment to come home to and talk to. I think fish would fit the same mold.

  3. Yipee for this new and better life!
    And yes! Allen Carr may not be for everyone, but he makes me happy, so glad it's the same for you.

    1. I love the simplicity of AC. In a few simple sentences he says things that it takes whole 500 page textbooks to say.

  4. Joni is wonderful! Gladys is wonderful! You are wonderful! New book will be too!

    Reading an entire book all day long is such a delicious treat.

  5. I do love Joni. I wasn't especially fond of her stuff after she went totally jazz but before that I've got some definite favorites.