Friday, February 3, 2012

Amusing yet disturbing...

I was pondering a blogpost topic today and drawing a blank. So I binged good blogpost topics. Copyblogger’s number 40 suggestion was to look at the keyword searches from my statistics and write about the most popular things.

I laughed hard enough to snort my orange flavored Aireborne water through my nose because coincidentally I had looked at those stats earlier today.

On May 2,2011 I wrote a blogpost about Anne Stuart’s book, The Devil's Waltz, and I mentioned Priapus. I even put a pic of a statue of Priapus. If you don’t remember, Priapus is always depicted with a huge erection.

Priapus was the number one keyword search.

Number two, four, five and ten are all various versions of Ranger in the movie One For the Money. There is a pic of him in a blogpost I wrote about movies that are better than the books they came from. The post is not about that movie. And it isn’t a naked pic of Daniel Sunjata, but still, the mention of it drew people to my blog.

Number three is the phrase, “I stare at men’s crotches.”

11/8/11 I wrote a blogpost entitled Do you stare at men's crotches? about Susan Donovan and the fact that she frequently has her characters looking at men's crotches which I thought was kind of weird because I never do that.

There are some funny comments to that one including the comment where Robena suggests that MS Donovan might be a 'crotch whisperer' but by and large the consensus was that, no, most women don't stare at men's crotches.

And yet this phrase is the number three reason why strangers hit on my blog.

I'm sensing a theme here and it ain't about truths hiding in fiction novels.

I find this mind-boggling, very amusing and at the same time a little disturbing.

What do you think this means?

If you write a blog, what are the keywords that have drawn strangers to your blog?

You ponder those things while I try to figure out if there's such a thing as a blog cleanser.


  1. Well, that's what you get for writing such a controverial blog. ;)))

    I checked out mine and my top five:
    1. LOL
    2. Judie Quayle Blog --really?
    3. Cow Butt
    4. I said I wanted a puppy.
    5. Back Off
    On the list was one about Ice Cream Truck Signs -I remember that one because a family was out in the snow in their shorts and flip flops buying ice cream from a truck. It was still winter!! Snow!! Cold!! ;)

  2. My favorite search term that brought someone to my blog is "reality boobs." Hmmm. Gotta wonder about the person who googles that. *grin*

  3. LOL Plus more LOLing at "Reality Boobs". Too funny. My number one is "Kim Director hot". I posted a photo of Kim Director (actress) as one of my characters when I was working on my last MS about a year and a half ago. About three months ago, I started getting a ton of hits for that picture. I don't know why. IMDB says she hasn't done anything major in a few years. Weird. And, apparently, hot.

  4. Reading your keywords boggles my mind even further. lol Linda - reality boobs. I think Tawna did a blogpost about this once and it was hysterical, as you can imagine if you've ever read her blog.

  5. Judie, this is so weird. I just wrote an article on blogging, how to find ideas, titles, key words, etc. for a guest blog at another site. Not sure yet if I'll submit it as it will be my first time writing for them.

    I came over here to see what "quote" you had used of mine (you had mentioned it on my blog) and I'm tickled that you found it interesting enough to post. BTW I love that book of Klein's, Second Sight. She has many wonderful writing/editing suggestions.

  6. I once wrote a post about models being posed to look like little girls. You can imagine why that always comes up as one of my top posts. [insert vomit]

  7. I've been getting hits based on the little boy named Sky who went missing in Washington, based on my post about "Missing My Boy", meaning my brother.

    Then there is the "mother daughter vibrator" search that is disturbing, but does relate directly to one of my posts: I'm sure the searchers were disappointed that it was mudane and there are no pictures. Lol!

    Other than that, my post searches are pretty boring.

    1. mother daughter vibrator - Personally I hide my vibrator from my mother but to each his own.
      Where do these people come from?

  8. Where did my comment go??!!

    Am I stuck in moderation? Or did I get tossed in with the SPAM?

    Let me out Judy!

  9. Julie - I don't know what happened to your comment. That's never happened before and I don't know how to fix it. I'll ask my daughter tomorrow.

    Meanwhile your comment came through in my email so here it is:

    "These are some of my favorite things to look at! Recently mine have started to show an increase in "five dollar saving plan" since I stole the idea from one of Matt's readers. One of my biggest ones is "five of pentacles reversed" -this must be pretty common card to get, and be confused by.

    (Hmm, two fives....)

    Let me go look at what else it shows.
    Oh yeah, another one that tons of folks type in and land in JulieLand because of it is "ginkgo gives me headaches." And then there is the one about "fucking in rainboots" which is NOT something I've written about, but it pops up on a regular basis. (I'd remember telling THAT story. And so would you guys.)"

    1. I wasn't one of your readers at the time of the ginko think but that is a typical reaction. A really good herbalist eases people into ginko slowly with low amounts.
      I guess fucking in rainboots could be intriguing if it was raining and thats all both parties had on. Maybe you should make up a really good story.

  10. hell yes I would remember if Julie posted about fucking in rainboots. Y'all get way more hits from search phrases than I do. I only get three or four a month that way, and most of them are people who type my blog URL in the google search box. Who would do that? My all-time favorite is "quickie with my aunt" presumably since my blog is Aunt BeaN's blog and I did a post titled "a quickie" last fall. That person must have been quite disappointed. But that's only happened one time.

  11. Barb - Someone finding your blog by typing in 'quickie with my Aunt' really turns my giggle box upside down, as my dad would have said.
    Somehow that strikes me as so funny.

  12. Ladies - I think if we took these words and wrote a story we would have the makings of a very funny porno'
    mens crotches, cow butt, reality boobs, mother-daughter vibrator, fucking in rainboots, and quickie with my aunt.
    It would be directed, of course, by Kim Director, hot.