Monday, February 13, 2012

Timing, affirmation and the logical, reasonable universe

(Posting this on Monday instead of Tuesday because I'm thinking of changing my post days. Trying out Mondays.)

I've never talked about this here. I am a person who needs to reduce her weight. Not because I have health issues. I'm actually remarkably healthy. Not because I want to look better. Although I'm not so much of a martyr that I can't admit, looking better would be a nice bonus.

I need to reduce my weight for the sake of my knees, ankles, general mobility and agility.

In 2010 I was actively trying to do this and I was miserable. I would eat fairly well, exercise well, hit the scale and the numbers wouldn't budge. For weeks. Then I would give up. Even things I had enjoyed, dancing alone at home as exercise, for example, would be tainted.

Thus my resolution for 2011 was never to step on the scale. Even once. And I didn't. And I know I maintained rather than gaining (maybe even lost a little) for the first time in years because the fit of my clothes didn't change.

And I was much less stressed about the whole damn subject.

Since 2011's resolution worked so well (for me), I decided to continue it and add an equally effective one for 2012. But it wouldn't come. That's not true. It came but I wouldn't hear it.

The universe being a logical, reasonable place, when I hadn't heard it by Feb, despite many helpful signs, I got 3 different hits of a tinnitus burst that only lasted for seconds. I don't suffer from tinnitus so when I do, I know, I'm not hearing something I should be hearing.

On 2/10/12 Julie's card draw was Raven. The first line of Raven's message was this:

"Listen to your intuition to receive a message from the world of spirit."

I commented: "I will be heeding the card alert to pay attention." (A forceful, direct statement of intention, even though I wasn't consciously thinking of it that way.)

I was thinking about this while I was readying myself to sleep. Shattered bits of my resolution that weren't clear enough to really be workable came into my head.

Then I slept.

When I woke up, this, my resolution for 2012, was fully formed:

>Fruit for breakfast first, salad for lunch and supper first. No set times when I eat them. No obligation to eat any meal other than the fruit once and the salad once.
Committing myself to doing it until 1/1/13. If I don't like it - which I know I will by then - I'll stop.<

Next came affirmation from the logical, reasonable universe that I had received the message correctly. Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight came in the mail that very afternoon.

AC wrote 3 books on weight loss. No More Diets which I got soon after Julie started talking about how one of his other books helped her quit smoking. It was okay.

Lose Weight Now which I put on my Kindle app and promptly started NOT reading, using the excuse that I don't like to sit at the desktop and read. It's not my favorite thing to do, but I did it all night when I was engrossed in Deborah Blake's book, Witch Ever Way You Can.

I had been hiding from the third one, Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight, because I knew from things that Julie said about it, that it was the most effective of the three. I finally ordered it but there was some delay as it was coming from overseas.

Can you perceive the significance of it coming that very day? Even the timing of the thing. I was in the middle of sending Julie an email about the resolution when my mom handed me the package.

And sometime during the day, the pure genius of this resolution came to me. From what little I had read of Lose Weight Now on my Kindle app, I remembered AC saying:

"The same Gauge that tells you when to eat also tells you when to stop The problem is that we’ve been brainwashed to disregard our Gauge."
"Hunger ends when we’ve absorbed sufficient nourishment from the right foods..."
"When you regularly eat foods that do not contain the required nutrients, overeating becomes the norm. You’ve overridden the tools supplied by Nature and no longer know how to listen to what they’re telling you. Your Sensor has stopped leading you to the right foods and you no longer use your Gauge correctly. You’ve lost touch with your body..."

I'm not sure I've picked out the right quotes from that section of the book for you to understand the conclusion I came to but it is this:

After a year of this resolution (well ten & 1/2 months anyway) I will have been getting sufficient nutrients often enough that I will be back in touch with my body's sensors that tell me when to eat, when to stop eating and what to eat.

Genius. The universe is a reasonable, logical place.


  1. Good for you for listening. And for picking an approach that works for you.

    I don't have a weight issue (I have a lack-of-exercise issue, but that's not today's topic, thank the goddess) but I have put on a few stubborn post-menopause pounds that make me feel bleh. I already have a pretty good diet, but I'm trying to use smaller plates with smaller servings on them, to overcome my habit of finishing food even when I'm full.

    Good luck with the new approach!

  2. Good for you! Sounds like a good recipe for success to me.

    I don't use a scale, either. I just keep track by how my jeans fit. Less stressful that way.

  3. YaY!! I hope that this works for you.

    I can't imagine NOT getting on a scale. It would be lovely to just 'step away' as it were...but I don't think that I could.

    Keep us posted.

  4. great system, I like it. I also hate to weigh myself, and often go weeks or months without doing it. I was thinking about weighing myself later this week, but maybe I will skip it. You've inspired me. :-)

  5. Thanks for all the support, ladies!

  6. When we DO listen, it just comes ringing RIGHT out, and is so damn clear.
    I have the same issue as you, I HEAR the messages but I don't always HEED them throughly enough.

    Excellent plan!

  7. I'm with the No Scale camp! The only time I'm weighed is by the doctor each year. But I usually forget the number, cause I have no head for them. The fit of my clothes is all the info I need through the year.

    I love your goals. And your new salad one is sensible--cause it won't harm you! (Well it'll harm you if you only eat fruit and veg, and nothing else. But presumably that's not what you meant.)

    Good on ya!

  8. Weight loss aside, it sounds like you're taking better care of yourself, which will stand you in good stead no matter what. I really love focusing on one really small doable goal for a long period of time. It's the only way I've ever found that actually results in me changing my behaviour - otherwise I get overwhelmed and give up whatever it is. Really, really congrats on not weighing yourself.

    I hope you don't get sick of salad - that would be my stumbling block! But I always feel a lot better when I'm eating some fruits and vegetables. I try not to let myself get discouraged by thinking that I have to eat 7-10 servings a day, or whatever. I figure, if I get at least one at each meal, I'm doing well. Otherwise I wouldn't eat them at all out of sheer resentment!