Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paranormal Romance Novel: A Little Night Magic, Author: Lucy March, Cozy Mystery: A Fitting End, Author: Melissa Bourbon, Romance Novel: Breakthrough, Author: Deirdre Martin

Triple Score

I'm a guest blogger over at the Bettyverse  today. Go on over and read my Ten Dollar Word post about A Little Night Magic by Lucy March..

If you haven't read the book, it's great. And it will have a sequel in 2013! Can't wait.

Speaking of series, here's an update on two others I've talked about before:

August 30, 2011  I talked about Pleating For Mercy, the first book in the Magical Dressmaker's Mystery Series by Melissa Bourbon. Specifically I talked about how much I enjoyed it and looked forward to book two.

A Fitting End, book two, is out. IMHO it's even better than book one. The characters whom I already liked a lot, are developed even more. The plot is fast paced and compelling. I love her voice. It's just good.

I was concerned that she might be going to develop a love triangle in book three and having had that dynamic soured  by you know who in her books seventeen and eighteen, I was wary of getting too invested in the series. I wrote to Melissa Bourbon and being the gracious author she is, she responded. She assures me, no love triangle is in the offing for Harlow Cassidy and Will Flores. They will encounter some struggles but their romance is solid. Big sigh of relief for me.

April 8, 2011  I talked about another series I'm thoroughly enjoying, The New York Blade Series by Deirdre Martin. Breakthrough,  the latest in that series, has just come out and it does not disappoint.

(I haven't done Deirdre justice, so far. Since reading a short story by her, I've sought out and read everything she's written and it's all good reading. When her next book comes out I'm going to make a point of discussing her work more thoroughly. Meanwhile, trust me, her books are worth the money and time!)

I feel lucky to have found all three of these fabulous women who are entertaining authors. 

My plea to all three of them is: More! More! More!

And it is my pleasure to have this place to share them with you, my lovely readers.


  1. I'll have to check out the Dierdre Martin series. Thanks for that. Although, looking down at my desktop I see a note with...hang on...five books all due out soon (like next week) and all by author buddies. Sigh. And then today someone suggested a book for our next book club, The Language of Flowers. I googled it and it sounds fascinating and deeply emotional. Definitely buying it. Have you read it? I know the author's last name is Diffenbaugh, can't remember the first, the info is in an email somewhere. Anyway, I know you're an avid reader, so just wondering.

    1. I had to look it up because I remember that phrase. I haven't read the book. Although the first two paragraphs tell me I will someday.
      The language of flowers is also the title of a kind of coffee table book, I think, in which each flower is related to something, love or betrayal or death, like that. I found it while watching the series Rosemary and Thyme. It was fabulous. 3 seasons of 6 or 9 shows. You can get it from Netflix.

  2. I love your post over in the Bettyverse. Lani/Lucy is a great one for fun word useage.

    I love your recomendations and am never disappointed.

    1. I'm glad. I have very few people to talk about books with so I write this for me but I'm happy that it benefits others, as well.

  3. You are confusing me with this Tuesday/Thursday thing, Madame. I have not read these books. I really want to get a hold of Lani's soon, though. And some more time to read. Do they sell that anywhere?

  4. Extra reading hours? Where?! I need those, Delia!

    JJJ, like Judie, I am never disappointed by your recomendations. Or your excellent eye for the "found" word (and yes, truth too).