Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my car stages an intervention against me


So, unsettling, random things have been happening to me. (For details see my last post.) Upon confiding the first of these things to Julie her take on the situation was that I need to "stay home."

What's really needed, is for me to set up and enforce the one day of the week when I have no obligations to leave the house, as MY DAY. Y'all know what I mean. My day where I can write all day and stay in my jammies and maybe just drink tea and chill.

I'm down with that - until - my daughter asked me if I would commit to taking my gdaughter to a painting class one afternoon a week this month on - you guessed it - my day.

Now, this is something I won't say no to. I am the village. The infamous village that helps raise my gkids. And I love them. And I love spending time with them. And my gdaughter is a talented artist who IMHO needs to be encouraged in every way possible. Such as with painting classes. So I said yes.

Enter the part of me that wants me to set boundaries for my day. Are you listening, Julie? Today, the day before my day and the day before the first painting class - 2 things happen. 1 -My mom finds out that no one has the tire she needs for her car and when they ordered it - it won't come in for 3 days. 2- I go to the store and when I come back out, my car won't start. I call AAA to jump me. It's not the battery. I call AAA again to tow me. Now mom and I are both officially without vehicles.

I will have my day. At least, this week. So I'm going to put the plan in motion that I've developed for working on my novel. I just got GMC by Deb Dixon from the library. (If it helps me, I'll buy it.) So I'm going to backstory, goal-motivation-conflict each of the main characters.

You like?

Anywho - protagonist Taffy's backstory will appear here on Friday's post. ( I can almost promise this as it's already written.)

Intervention successful. Sort of. For now.

ps Delia here's the pic you wanted to see from the last post (my hair after 2 color strippers and a dye job that was supposed to be light ash brown but is actually red)

UPDATE: My daughter called to say that when she told my gdaughter to get ready to go to the class today, Kat told her she prefers the summer art classes where she is with her peers (not her wording but you get it) so she won't be attending this class, after all. Freeing up my Tuesdays again.
This wouldn't have happened if I were driving her today because my gkids will always choose time with me, even if it's just chauffeur time. I'm that awesome. hehehe.
Intervention successful 100 %.


  1. Isn't it weird how the universe works? So glad you got your day back. Did you get the car back?

  2. I'm happy your intervention worked out so completely, but I hope your car is okay. Also, it doesn't look red here. It looks the same color my hair is for four days after I color it (before the "resistant grays" show their ugly little faces again). You know, I wouldn't mind going gray if it was more consistent or if it came in pretty stripes that I could color pink. But ooooh noooo. I have to go gray at the temples like a distinguished gentleman. Ah well, at least I can afford a color kit, right?

    Enjoy your day. :)

  3. "Color Strippers" made me think of gals on the pole. What does that say about me?

    I'm happy your gdaughter is able to express her needs so articulately that you were able to reclaim your day!

  4. Silver lining writing time. Enjoy! :)

  5. Now, say Thank You.
    (To the Universe, or The Force, or Who/Whatever, but not to me. I'm just here for bouncing off of.)
    And stay safe.

    (I did kinda worry, so I'm glad you updated. Great big smiley face emoticon!)

  6. You are that awesome. I hope you continue to get Your Time.

  7. Have the two cars (yours and your mom's) been returned to your house? I’m sure the battery and the tires on both cars have already been replaced with new ones. I hope you get to make even more trips in both those cars. BTW, congrats on your thriving intervention!

    1. Yes, our car situation is under control now. A couple more repairs had to be made but we were fortunate enough to have the resources to make them.
      A few days with an excuse for not doing my regular routine was helpful, though.
      Thanks for commenting.