Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bloggiversary: One year ago today...

My blog was born and I connected with all you wonderful people.

If I had married you:
 - we'd have been arrested because polygamy is frowned upon in the USA
 - it would be our PAPER anniversary

So let's look at some pretty paper (from bing images):

And visit a pretty paper blog...

And listen to one of my favorite songs about paper - M.I.A. Paper Planes (you tube):

And look at an inappropriate cake (from cake wrecks):

 And a more appropriate cake (from bing images):

Champagne anyone? (bing images)

Candlelight dinner? (bing images)

And lisanthus for everyone who has ever read my blog because in the language of flowers lisanthus means 'appreciation' and I appreciate each and every one of you.

This is my 122nd blogpost. Can't believe I've done that many in a year. I missed marking the milestone of number 100 on 1/20/12.

I've enjoyed myself. Hope you have, too. Let's have another really good year!


  1. Wow, a year already? I love the lisanthus, they're gorgeous. We appreciate you, too. :)

    1. The time flew! I never heard of lisanthus before but they sure are pretty.

  2. Replies
    1. And one of these days soon I'll be blogging about In A Fix by a certain Linda Grimes. Ain't life grand?

  3. I want that candlelight dinner. : )

    Congrats! on your anniversary.

  4. Oh nice! Cakes, the beach, pretty paper, and gorgeous flowers. You throw a delightful party m'dear! Cheers! (With my sparkly water, for special occasions.)

    Happy Happy!!! And congratulations!

    1. Of course in real life I'd probably serve sparkly juice or water - living in a dry county and all. And vegan dinner options for you.

  5. How did I miss this? Happy anniversary! Thanks for the paper!