Friday, March 2, 2012

Unsettled, Metaphysical signs, Owls, Deer, Dogs, Rescue puppies

Several things happened in recent days that are a little unsettling.

-We had a storm of major proportions. In the surrounding counties there were tornadoes. In the surrounding states there were deaths. In my room, hail and rain pounded the metal roof and wind blew strong and loud.

-3 deer flew across my path chased by a shaggy yellow dog when I was driving.

-Back my shoulderless two-lane road a van was turned over on it's side. Police and a tow truck were there, blue and white lights shining up the night as I drove home from work at 1am. (This was not even a mile from the scene of one of those big bucket trucks the utility company uses being turned on it's side a week or so before.)

-5 minutes after the van incident, a Barred Owl slammed into my windshield. I hope I only stunned it. I've looked for it on the side of the road since but it wasn't there. I know it was a barred owl because I got an up close and personal view of the underside of it's huge wingspan and it's talons.

Has anything unsettled you lately?

On the upside - all 3 of the puppies dropped off at my house a week ago have now been adopted.

On the up-upside - after 2 color strip kits and 1 dye kit my hair turned out okay. I got red, which I didn't want cause it turns brassy on me, but even brassy is better than the black I had, considering my coloring. (Green eyes and freckles.)

What's your upside? Up-upside?


  1. Wow, you HAVE hat a time of it! Hope things settle down for you soon.

    Things haven't been too horrible for me lately, though I hesitate to mention that, for fear of inviting trouble. Superstitious? Me? Um, yeah, you could say that. ;)

  2. Holy Hanna -- that's a lot of stuff going on.

    Glad the puppies found homes and that your hair turned out in an acceptable fashion.

    My upside is I'm beginning to feel better and may have come to the end of this very long cold. YaY!!

  3. My goodness, that is really, really, a lot of stuff going on. I wonder what Julie would have to say about these messages?
    Yay! on the puppies finding new homes. Not much has been going on with me, but I believe Mercury goes retrograde soon. I'll have to watch my communications because for soem reason it always messes with me. : )

  4. Holy moly. That's a whole lot of unsettling stuff going on. I'm glad there was an up-side. And an up-up-side. (Though, I would have liked pics of the up-up-side. ;) )

  5. I've been out of the news loop so only recently realized there were all these storms. Glad you're well though!

  6. Delia - I'll try to rustle up a pic for the next blogpost. I should have taken before afters but, of course I didn't.

    LM - We are indeed well. Devestation passed all around us.