Friday, April 20, 2012

Pro Soccer: Rio Ferdinand, Piermario Morosini, willwriteforchocolate Yahoo group,

 Chocolate Bootcamp, pandering pics and links galore...

Let's start with the bootcamp update because it makes me happier than a finch hanging upside down, eating black sunflower seeds.


29,553 words. I was going for 30,000 but I'll settle for that.

I was trying to decide whether I want to fast draft Act 2 or not. (Reminder, fast drafting is writing your scenes in conversation just putting notes about needed narrative in parenthesis so you can go back later.) I tried to come up with a list of pros:

Get it - soccer pros... Which reminds me*

and cons:

But I couldn't come up with any cons. Oh, I could have put a cheesy pic of some convict  here but that wouldn't be true symbolism. Because I really couldn't think of any negatives regarding writing Act 2 in fast draft style.

At least for me. I found it much easier to write the conversation first as that's what moves my stories along. I also found the narrative came together easier.

I do think it wouldn't work for me to do the whole novel fast draft. This way of doing an act in fast draft and then doing the narrative before moving to the next act works best, for me, for this story, for right now.

So, over at Megan's place we hijacked her comments   were having a conversation in her comments about how I would like to keep bootcamp going, somehow after the actual Savvy Author Bootcamp ends April 30th, because it is good for my word count to report everyday to a group of fellow writers.

I couldn't think of a prize significant enough to motivate but cheap enough for participants to afford. The prize for the winning team of SAB writers is a free workshop. Well worth it for the lucky winners which won't be my team. More vague comments about that later so as to avoid hurt feelings.

Kewl Kate suggested chocolate. (She also tried to steal Megan's husband but we'll let them duke that out. wink, wink) I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE IDEA.

We could end up with a finished W.I.P. and this:

Here is my proposal:

The Ongoing, No-Whining, No-Excuses, Chocolate, Writers Bootcamp.

Ongoing because we don't have to stop until we want to.

No-Whining because in SAB there is no whining.

No-Excuses because while they don't whine, all of my teammates do post their word counts with an excuse as to why they're so low. To me they don't even seem low. Did you write words that moved your story along today? Yes? Win! Not excuse.

There are details that would have to be worked out, like where we'd post these word counts. But I have not just one but two very technically inclined daughters that I can blackmail ask to help me set that up.

And we would need a chat room for the occasional writers sprint. It can be done, I know because Shelly Fredman does it frequently to have live chats with her readers.

A writing sprint is fun. You all log into the chat room at the same time. Then time is called and you zoom off to your word software and write for 55 minutes. Then you check back in to the chat room and exchange pleasantries. Then off again for another 55 minutes. Then more pleasantries and goodbyes.

And, though this doesn't help your word count, you get to double any words written in a sprint towards the prize. Awesome, eh? SAB has twice weekly writers sprints.

While I know this would not be easy:

Get it - easy as pie.

It wouldn't be too hard:

Surely you saw this one coming - get it - hard as a rock.

And many of us have incentives to write:

Delia who won a query critique over at The Debutante Ball and is, at this very moment attending a conference, workshopping her current work in progress.

Linda Grimes, the Friday debutante whose first book, In A Fix, comes out Sept 4, 2012 and who is working on book number two.

Megan who, when she's not protecting her husband from mystery writers, is writing a book of her own that we're all tapping our feet, waiting to read. And she's headed for a conference, too.

Kate George, a mystery writer who is blissfully unaware that there are those of us who are putting together a low-road fund to kidnap her and hide her away until she has finished writing the third Bree MacGowan book.

Judie who has been taunting us all month with characters from a book she plans on writing which we are all now salivating to read. I suspect she thinks we'll wait patiently for her to write this book during nanowrimo in SEPTEMBER. Bwahahahahahaha - not bloody likely. Some of the funds from the above low-road fund may have to be subverted.

And then there's Robena, Deborah, and Nan and, and, and... you know who you are!

So no pressure anyone, but if you're up for it - let me know.

Remember, finished W.I.P. and this:

Oops sorry, fantasizing again - I meant this:
Okay - I've rambled on far too long.

Think about the bootcamp.

And on a serious note - *I was so saddened to hear about the death of the Italian soccer player, Piermario Morosini.

July 5, 1986 to April 14, 2012. Only twenty five years old. Tragic.


  1. Or you could just do a Yahoo group, which have a chat room in beta. My writing group, when it was together, used to use it to great success.

    I'd be interested in joining the bootcamp. I know I'm a stranger, but I've got a book to finish and would love to have other writers to account to. It's what I miss most about my old group (which went defunct when people moved and had kids).

    1. If you're a betty, you're not a stranger. I'm aka Clever Betty.
      I can see where a yahoo group would work. We could post word counts everyday and have writing sprints.
      I'll have to give it some more thinks (to use phraseology from London Mabel.)

  2. Oh, my Gawd! Those pics! Talk about incentive...!

    Okay, now you've made me drool on my keyboard.

    1. It's possible I might have a thing for soccer players. The long, tall gorgeous man in the coat is Rio Ferdinand, pro soccer player and placeholder for York, love interest in my current wip.

  3. ahahaha what an awesome blog!!

    I like the idea of the bootcamp. I had thought about the April one, but I'd already agreed to the A-Z Challenge.

    1. With you, me and supernatural Betty, already have 3 interested people.
      I'll get one of my daughters on it!

  4. I'm in! And how come I haven't been reading your blog all along? You are hilarious. And you have good taste in pictures. And you can kidnap me anytime you like. I'll got willingly. But I don't see why Megan is so reluctant to trade husbands, isn't variety the spice of life, or something like that?

  5. OhdearGod, is that a salted caramel? *wipes drool* I've tried fast drafting and I can't do it. I need to get the nitty-gritty in there. If I finish my discovery on the next novel when you start, I may join in and just do my own thing. Which is what I do most of the time anyway. :) Also, can I just say how much I'm stressing the query crit? SO MUCH. Ugh. I'm trying not to give Linda & Co. crap to read. I may or may not succeed.

    1. I don't think it's possible for YOU to give anyone crap to read, dearie!