Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Romance Novel: Rule Number One, Author Nan Reinhardt

 recommendation number one - read Rule Number One

Nan Reinhardt – a woman after my own heart: 
“The Birks stay, Miss Margaret, I intend to be comfortable. You need to get over the sexy shoes thing. I just can’t pull it off. I damn near broke my neck last night in those stupid stilettos you made me buy. I felt like a giraffe.” Rule Number One by Nan Reinhardt 

An obviously kindred spirit: 

“It’s not like she couldn’t scratch any small itch that came along—the beauty of her little, battery-powered friend tucked away in the bedside drawer.”  Rule Number One by Nan Reinhardt 

Brief break to look something up – love this: 

What is a “keeping room”? (Go here to read the whole article.) 

"A keeping room is an area just off the kitchen of a home. Keeping rooms date back to Colonial times when families would sleep in that area when the rest of the house was cold. Since the area could be heated by the kitchen stove, it often provided the only heated place in the house..." wIsegeek 

I love it when fiction novels introduce me to new things. Everybody needs a keeping room. I even like the name. 

Wait until you read the name of the Celtic music band – it’s perfect. Not gonna tell you what it is but if you read my novel, Hungry Ghosts, it’s a word you’ve heard before. Oh wow – I binged them and they actually exist. Don't know if Nan intended that or not but go here and check them out. 

There's a lovely little scene in the book involving the pulling of a pint of Guinness. 

Dammit, why do I have to be an hour’s drive away from a Guinness? Curse this stupid dry county! 

"How would it be to hear that sweet brogue whispering wicked things in my ear?" Rule Number One by Nan Reinhardt 

It would be extremely sexy. In fact, some guy with an Irish brogue should make a recording of himself whispering naughty things to be sold along with a B.O.B. I'd buy one, for sure. Or maybe not. I might not get anything practical done if I had unlimited access to that kind of temptation. 

In yet another effort to win my heart - Nan has made her heroine a swimmer! 

"It was more than exercise, swimming was a way to de-stress and unwind, and it sure beat therapy."  Rule Number One by Nan Reinhardt 

"flummoxed" I love that word. 

My dad used to do this to my mom all the time: 

"He didn’t wait for her to answer, but instead led her around the sofa and danced her down the hall into the empty family room."  Rule Number One by Nan Reinhardt 

Mom would pretend dad was driving her crazy but...fifty years later... 

“I’m not sure one can actually induce a coma with chocolate, but I’m ready to give it a shot.”  Rule Number One by Nan Reinhardt 

Me, too. 

But can Nan write a sex scene? You ask. Why yes she can; and make you laugh at the same time. 

I know there are women whom this is true for; I only wish... 

"She did her best thinking while she vacuumed and scrubbed."   Rule Number One by Nan Reinhardt 

The final test - Can she write a HEA? Affirmative. 

And I loved it. 

You will, too.


  1. Do we know when it comes out on paper?!

  2. Judy, thanks so much for this fun review! I'm excited that we've discovered we're kindred spirits this way. You're a peach!!

    Oh, and we do, Julie. It comes out in paper in late June. Thank you for asking!

    1. These reviews make me want to read it TODAY! Guess I should have read the reviews before I tried to buy the paper copy yesterday at B&N! Oh well, since I INSISTED that the book was available, the poor clerk looked everywhere. If nothing else, I managed to give the book some "exposure" for when it does arrive in June! I suppose I'll break done and read it via technology, though I must admit I like the cadence of turning real pages!

      Nancy B.

  3. Nan does have a lovely voice, elegant and yet humorous, with a hint of wicked in there every once in a while.

    Bestselling author Emma Wildes

  4. Oh my goodness between Nan and Judy I am longing to go back to Ireland once more. I have to have Rule Number One!

  5. I'm honored to be Nan's critique partner, and I can say without a doubt, it's a WONDERFUL book!! :)

  6. Waiting for June. *taps foot* *checks watch*

    1. ::: humming loudly :::

      ::: checking Dee's watch :::

      ::: pacing around looking for a snack :::

  7. You ladies make me laugh on an otherise humorless day. Glad you're all enjoying the review. I sure enjoyed the book.

  8. I absolutely adored this book, and for many reasons: the crispness yet sweetness of voice, humor, world building, rich characters, pacing, believability, and all achieved in a shorter word count.

    It's a fun read.

  9. It's on my Kindle already, and I'm so glad!

  10. Thanks, Judy and everyone here! If you've read it glad you enjoyed it, if not, hope you do, and it is coming in paper, I promise! Hugs to you all!

  11. Flummoxed -- oh dear. I MUST find a reason to use that word today.

    The book sounds like a fun read. And on Kindle... don't get no better than that. I lobes me Kindle!!

  12. Thanks everybody for commenting and giving Nan the love she deserves!