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I could not think of a blogpost topic so – from TANGIBLE TAFFY (read carefully because I will be asking you a question before you go)…


“I can not believe I let you talk me into this,” Taffy said, into her new, prepaid cell phone sitting on the seat beside her.

“Just ignore them. Judging from the many times you’ve been mad at me, you have a special talent for ignoring people,” York said, into his new prepaid cell phone sitting on the seat beside him in the car he was driving; currently following the car Taffy was driving.

Taffy looked out the corner of her eyes at the three teenage males, in the ultra-cool, sleek, black Camaro. They had pulled up next to her so they could point and laugh. “But I’m not usually trying to ignore you from behind the wheel of a hearse,” she said.

The guy in the backseat was holding up a sign. She didn’t want to turn to see better but she thought it read, “Are you driving the pink lovemobile?” She ignored them some more.

“That’s true. Think about this instead: at the end of this journey, Shamus will be handing you one thousand dollars,” York said.

“It’s a little easier for you to focus on that than it is for me. You are driving a hearse, yes, but, at least yours is camouflage colored. I am driving a bright, pink hearse. I’m not sure one thousand dollars is worth this humiliation,” she said.

Backseat guy had changed the sign and now it read, “Will you play dead and let us get some corpse loving in the back?” She turned and glared at him as hard as she could. All three of them cracked up laughing before they sped up and left her behind.

“We could trade,” York said.

“Oh yes, because everyone knows the best vehicle to learn to drive a stick in, is a hearse,” she said. “At least mine is an automatic.”

York was quiet and she looked in the rearview mirror to see that he was laughing uproariously at her.

“Oh, great. Now you’re laughing at me, too,” Taffy said.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I got a vivid picture of you jerking all over the road as you stall the clutch in this camouflage colored hearse,” York said. He pretended to be sympathetic. “Tell you what, next time we stop I’ll buy you some shades that make you look super cool.”

“Oh gee thanks. The right pair of sunglasses and people won’t even realize I’m driving a bright, pink hearse,” she said. “You are so helpful.”

“I try,” he said.


I want a funny, raunchy name for the pink hearse. Pink lovemobile doesn't cut it.

Any suggestions? Hook me up, y'all.

LOL! Nice excerpt. How raunchy do you want to go with the name? "Muffmobile"? ;)

I'll leave that to your much more clever readers. Muffmobile is definitely raunchier, though. And has a nice ring to it!

ahahaa Muffmobile - WoW!! That is something teenage boys would say. I don't have a clue for something raunchier.

Nice excerpt.

Note to self: Never Google "things that are pink."

My brain just exploded. Therefore, I have no idea what to call your necropink muffmobile. I need to go search for the brain bleach now.

lol Linda! Okay muffmobile is what teenage boys might say. But necropink muffmobile is even better. How can I make them seem like smart punks? Volvo stationwagaon instead of a Camaro? Einstein t-shirts?

Sorry about the need for brain bleach, Delia.

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  1. Hmm. This is a tough one. Truly intelligent "punks" are probably too smart to dress like punks.