Friday, May 11, 2012

Popcorn and pandora

Writing is an amazing thing. It's full of order and chaos, planning and going with the flow, things you know and things you research.

I'm part of this bootcamp with dedicated writers who are glad for a place to hold them accountable, just like I'm glad.

It's ten pm and I haven't written any words. That will never do.

I fix myself a snack:

Popcorn - I like to pop the old fashioned kind. In the bottom of an old, very heavy, pressure pan with a pie plate for a lid. A couple of Dove dark chocolate truffles and a glass of Airborne to keep the sinus blues at bay.

I'm set. I put on the and listen. Currently my WIP is being fueled by a Katie Costello station I've created. I added in Big Head Todd and the Monsters and viola. Ingrid Micheals appears frequently as well as Dave Matthews.

My fingers start to fly across the keyboard. Pandora is keeping my internal editor at bay. I stop at midnight exactly. I've just written 1294 words. Yay - a word count for one more day!

Now I'm going to continue on and I'll have a word count for tomorrow. Wait, what's that smell? Wow, deja vu, I had that thought earlier. What is that? Smells like it might be... Is it?


Yes, gas. I didn't turn the stove off properly after popping the corn and for the last two hours gas has been leaking into the house. Now to open doors and windows, here, alone, hopefully not pass out while doing so.

I ended up on the back porch for a half an hour talking to my daughter on the cell phone. She's a night owl. Wonder where she got that?

I'm okay. The gas is long gone. But there's a next day to this story.

We'll continue this saga next Friday.

Meanwhile: bootcamp update - I'm in second place for the chocolate. I wrote 6 days out of 7 this week. My wip is currently 48,493 words long.

Everyone else is doing well, too. And we are having fun sprinting!

What are ya'll up to?


  1. What am *I* up to? Being worried out of my freaking mine by your terrifying story of gas! Gah, that shit scares me like nothing else (okay, maybe as much as toilets). There, I've admitted I have fears. HAPPY NOW?!

    Whew, I need to go lie down.

    Wait, there's MORE to this?! Good thing my own kid and I stopped off for a brilliant organic salad and vegan pudding. (To Go.) Must go eat.

    Oh, and awesome accomplishing on that most recent sprint!!!

  2. Fuck. Look how upset I was.

    That should be MIND not, mine.

    1. I know, right. I was so scared I sat on the back porch, trembling, talking to my daughter on the cell phone cause she was the only one I knew who would be up.

  3. Scary! That could have been a much bigger POP to your popcorn than you would want. Glad it turned out okay!

  4. Holy lucky there was no explosion, Batman! Not good. I mean, good word count and all, but not good with the gas. Yikes.

    1. I was afraid of an explosion but I was also afraid of something like carbon monoxide poisoning or it's equivalent in this situation.

  5. I LOVE popcorn cooked that way. I haven't had it for ages.

    Glad you are okay.

    1. Me, too. I don't know why but the microwave stuff leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  6. Glad you're not a smoker!

    I'm loving your writers group.