Friday, June 22, 2012

Erotica Romance Novel: Jacked Up, Author: Erin McCarthy

Erotica with a plot and an eye-candy cover

I just received Erin McCarthy's new release, Jacked Up in the mail today.

So I decided to put up a link to my previous blogpost (March 2011) about the Fast Track series that this book is from.

Go here for my take on this funny sexy series. Hint: I love it.

This is the sixth book. They all have eye-candy covers like this one.

I will surely have read the book by Tuesday and I'll update this post when I finish with how much I enjoyed the book, because I know I will, and why I enjoyed it; other than the obvious reasons, of course.

What are you doing this weekend?

UPDATE #1 before this even gets posted:
OH. MY. DOG. Y'all tiny spoiler alert here - the hero has convinced the heroine to drive in the DEMOLITION DERBY. I kid you not. If you know me, you know, I'm happier than a Monarch butterfly in a field of Milkweed.

UPDATE #2 "...her smile made him feel like a kid with one fist full of candy and the other full of fireworks." Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy
Serious envy here. I will NEVER  be able to write such a clever line as that. Dammit.

UPDATE #3 It's official. I loved it. I'll probably scammingly reread it twenty times before I put it on the bookshelf, only to pull it off again with the other five books in the series, to reread at least twice a year. Characters - I love them. Story - fun, sexy, compellling. And Erin's voice well...

FINAL UPDATE #4 Another of Erin's clever sentences that I so envy - "She was going to make fun her bitch." Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy --- I have a new life motto, y'all.


  1. Never say never. It'll come back and bite you squarely in the ass. Truth. Absolute truth.

    Hanna has taken to saying "Oh my science!" Works for her, and I laugh at it every time. Bonus.

    That cover is amazing. I may need to go lie down.

  2. I second Julie -- never say never! And thanks for the eye candy! :)

    1. The thing is I might be able to come up with a comment or two like that once in a while but Erin's books are chock full of them.

  3. OMD I love it!!
    Nice eye candy there. Yes, please!

    1. I wonder if I could counter my destructive love of candy with a calorie-free love of eye candy. Gaze at a book cover like this whenever I crave chocolate. If only it were that simple.

  4. I third Julie. My ass has been bitten more times than I care to count. :)

    1. This is one time where I wouldn't mind being bitten in the ass. Well, there's probably other times, too, wink, wink. Just not by dogs or my daughters psycho cat who loves to bite my calves.