Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paranormal Romance Novel: Crystal Gardens, Author: Amanda Quick, Demoliton Derby, Mad Dog Trophy

In a minute I’m going to tell y’all about my latest fun adventure at the demolition derby but first – I’m late posting because I got distracted and forgot that I generally post on Tuesday 12:05 AM CST.

Oh well.

I am waffling about a decision concerning the course of my current WIP which is causing me to have 0 word counts. While I’m not deciding, I’ve been reading again.

I got distracted tonight because I am reading Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick. I don’t even need to say this because she is Amanda Quick, aka Jayne Ann Krentz, but it is so excellent. And I am happy to say that it is the first in a trilogy.

On to the demolition derby! Some of you may know I am planning on writing at least one romance novel in which the heroine is a demolition derby driver. To that end, I’ve been going to some demolition derbies (and because they’re good fun.)

I attended one on Saturday and there were two amazing women drivers. I’m going to tell you about one here today.

Her name is Sami. And she came in third in the lawnmower derby. That’s right. The demolition derby on lawnmowers.

Now here is something even more amazing – she did it with only 3 wheels. Right away one of her 4 wheels came off in a crash with another lawn mower. Did that stop the brave, resourceful Sami? No, it did not.

She spent the rest of the heat leaning to one side while driving so that she could stay up on 3 wheels. She stayed up that way while drivers all around her got knocked out of the heat. Dead lawnmowers littered the track.

Finally when it was down to her and 2 other lawnmowers, she lost a second wheel in a crash involving all 3 remaining mowers. That took her out.

Not only did she get the third place trophy – she got the Mad Dog trophy which is given to the most ‘tenacious’ driver.

Now there’s a heroine for a romance novel.

If you’re a writer, who is inspiring your current heroine?

If you’re a reader, who is currently your favorite heroine?

At the moment, as a reader, mine, of course, is Evangeline Ames of Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick. But I’m very fickle when it comes to such things.


  1. Now, that does sound like good fun! And a heroine who wins the Mad Dog trophy? That would be brilliant!

  2. Mad Dog Trophy. That is awesome. She would make a great inspiration for a heroine.

  3. I need a Mad Dog trophy. That would be awesome. What fantastic inspiration!

  4. I have a visual placeholder for her, but... not so much a personality one. I wanted her to be shy, and there aren't a lot of shy characters on TV/movies are there? So still working on it.

    Great lawnmower derby story. :-D

  5. Awesome post.
    Wonderful Real Life Hero, way to go, Sami!

  6. Judy, Judy, JudyJune 14, 2012 at 3:45 AM

    I personally think we all deserve a mad dog bloggers trophy for being tenacious bloggers!