Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Romance Novel: Rescue Me, Author: Rachel Gibson, Romantic Comedy movie: One For the Money

Rachel Gibson's new book, Rescue Me, is out. And it's good. To me that comes as no surprise. I simply love her as a writer (don't know her as a person so can't say.) It's a page turner that I stayed up most of the night reading.
Go for it, y'all. It's worth every penny.

You know what else is worth every penny that really did surprise me, the movie, One For The Money. It's damn good. I didn't think I'd like the guy playing Morelli, but I did. He's not as hot as Joe because he's an Irish guy playing an Italian guy. But he is hot for an Irish guy. And there's good chemistry between him and Heigl, who does a great job as Stephanie Plum. The guy who plays Ranger is also hot and does a good job. In fact, everyone did a good job. Even Sherri whatever her name is, whom I don't really like, did a great job as Lula.

Guess what else is great? The script. If you've read the book you know, the reason the script is good is because it had a solid base of a great book. But still, they could have screwed it up, and they didn't. They don't stick strictly to the book but pretty close.

It's set up so there could definitely be a second movie and if Evanovich had the same genitalia as Nicholas Sparks or any of the other men out there writing romantic suspense comedy mystery whatever you want to call it, there would already be one. Sparks blows his nose and they try to read the snot in his kleenex and make a movie out of it but the same does not hold true with successful women. And don't try to tell me she's not successful. The Plum series alone is eighteen books worth of successful and that's not the end of her body of work.

I may be mad at Evanovich right now but I'd love to see some more of these movies if they all maintained this quality.

If you haven't been reading this blog for long you might ask, why am I mad at her. Short version - after 16 books she started writing for the Ranger fans instead of the Morelli fans BUT in the Morelli books, Ranger is treated with respect; in the Ranger books, Morelli is not treated with respect. Not cool Janet. Not cool.


  1. Evanovich is one of my favorite authors, but what you're saying is exactly why I haven't read the last two books--I'm afraid to. :(

    I did enjoy the movie. Even hubs did (yes, I dragged him along with me).

  2. I have yet to see that movie (which isn't all that surprising when you consider I have yet to read that book). Also, you really need to stop making my reading list longer. Even when I took a month "off" to read, I still only managed six books. Darn kids. ;)

  3. While I believe Hollywood doesn't make enough good movies for women, box office is still king. If One for the Money had been considered good, by audiences, they'd make another--nothing Hollywood likes better than a franchise. But it did more in its weekend opening than The Notebook, and far less overall, which says to me that people loved the Notebook and told their freinds to see it, and went back to see it again; and that people gave One For an even bigger shot, but told their friends it sucked.

    1. And yet despite lukewarm greetings for movies like Nights In Rodanthe, they are still making his movies - e.g. The Lucky One.
      I don't believe it's all that simple. I don't believe people went to this movie and told other people not to go. No way.
      It took them 18 years to make this movie. Men are still promoting men and dissing women, whether we like it or not.

    2. The other complicating factor is one that's been talked about in Crusie's comments. I think a lot of Sparks viewers are teens, and they (along with men) go to the theatre. Whereas we all are notorious for being renters.

    3. Yeah - that's a factor. The sad thing to me is, there were women planning on going to the theatre together to see this movie, I was one of them with one of the librarians, and then book 17 came out and no one wanted to go.
      I wish I had overcome that and gone out in support of the movie now that I've seen it. Hindsight - what are you going to do? Can't change the past.

  4. This makes me want to rent the movie despite my gagging horror that they cast KH as Plum. I envision bumbling hijinks and a bad Jersey accent and total disrespect of the book character.

    I'm a Ranger fan but I'm a few books behind on the series so I can't weigh in on the grievance.

  5. Thanks for reminding me about this movie-- I missed it during the semester, will have to look for it on DVD. I'm glad to hear they didn't ruin the book. I just couldn't imagine Heigl as Stephanie. Still can't, but I haven't seen it yet!

  6. Lora and Barb - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with Heigl. She doesn't even try for a NJ accent. Some of the things about the book that were kind of iconic aren't there, really I think just due to lack of time. The big hair thing isn't there and the Joe looking down her shirt isn't there.