Friday, July 27, 2012

Uh oh my female-ness is showing...

For several months now I've been looking for a purse. Not an easy task for me because the wrong one will drive me crazy.

I've discovered some things about me and purses and about purses.

Some purses I like are obviously too impractical for my abusive use. Like this one:

There is something called a kiss lock and I like it on a purse.

I'm not willing to spend more than forty dollars on a purse, if that much. I might go fifty if it was perfect in every way and I loved it.

At $11,990. this purse costs more than my car and is definitely not for me:

In keeping with my fairies of late, I'd carry this one for sure if it didn't cost

I also love vintage purses. Here's a cute one except it isn't big enough and I think the chain strap would make me nuts:

My mom says that some of the brand name purses are so well made that they would last for 30 years.

Yeah - not a selling point for me. Who wants to carry the same purse for 30 years?

Whoops - maybe you do. If so, that's okay. Fess us - do you want the same purse for years or do you enjoy a more frequent change up?

I'm going to keep looking. I know the perfect purse is right around the corner!

(All pics were taken from bing images and made into thumbnails for legal purposes.)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Romance Novel: One Summer's Night, Author: Mary Alice Kruesi, Fairies, Geancanach

Fae Goldie and Fae book - One Summer's Night by Mary Alice Kruesi

A while back I was putting together elements of my wip which as most readers know is a modern gothic romance novel as yet without even a working title.

I knew I wanted ghosts.

(Okay so these guys are not technically ghosts. They're grim reapers. Still it was good fiction even if it was on television.)

I also wanted something more in the supernatural elements department.

I remembered that back in April, Judie Quayle had done a blog challenge that had her listing mystical, mythical creatures every day. So I went back and found this one.

They are geancanachs. Judie Quayle said;

"The Geancanach (Gan-cahn-ock) is pixie-like in appearance, with huge eyes that curve upward on the ends and large pointed ears. They are always depicted as being very small, no more than a few inches in height, and having playful, if somewhat mischievous, smiles. They have small wings which do not seem functional, and they appear to move from place to place by dematerializing and reappearing quite rapidly. They may be mistaken for flickering lights or lightning bugs."

Mystical Myth says:
"They are considered the guardian of the home and hearth, are harmless, and crave the warmth of the fireplace."

I went to bing images - here - and found Goldie. Then I made her into a thumbnail so I could share her with you.

Goldie protects the journals of deceased poets, Henry and Lisha Berkhorn, parents of heroine, Mimi Crows Berkhorn.

Mimi bought a lockbox for the journals but Goldie kept banging herself against it, like a bird banging a window, so Mimi bought a different one with holes at the top so tiny Goldie can fly in and out.

Serendipitously, since Goldie was born, I've run into several references to the 'land of fae'.

I bought 2 used books and they just came in the mail. I didn't read about them before I bought them. I was just purchasing a couple of Mary Alice Kruesi books that aren't in the library. (She also writes as Mary Alice Monroe - I reviewed her wonderful book, The Butterfly's Daughter here. And her also delightful books, Skyward and The Book Club, here.)

I started reading one of them; One Summer's Night.

Guess what it's about? "When looking at an enchanting fairy painting by Maybelle Starr, Laurel could almost believe fairies existed." from One Summer's Night by Mary Alice Kruesi

That's right...fairies.

I'm only 35 pages in. I'm sure to finish it, though, as on Tuesday I have JURY DUTY. Lots of waiting.

I'll update this when I finish the book to let you know if it is as good to the end as it is so far.

UPDATE: This woman knows how to create an enchanting world. It's lovely. And the story is compelling and sweet. Put it on the shelf and pull it out when you want to escape into a sweet, different world and fall in love.

What's up with your week?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pro Marijuana, Anti Pat Robertson

In defense of me

Update: To all my lovely readers - thank you for your loyalty. I  would like to let you know that the poster here is a friend of mine. We have a history of agreeing about somethings and disagreeing about others; like this subject. I respect him. I just felt the need to defend myself in this issue.
I'm not asking you to censure yourself. Comment as you see fit. I did want you to know that this isn't a crackpot. He's a friend.

The forum - facebook
The subject - a post of this article

I am going to repost the article here as I can't defend myself without talking about it.
Billboard - Pat Robertson would vote Yes on 64. Will you?
In a March interview in The New York Times, conservative evangelist Pat Robertson said he "absolutely" supports the initiative on the ballot in Colorado that would regulate marijuana like alcohol.
"I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol," Robertson said. "If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally, then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?"
We're proud to announce the unveiling of the above billboard in Grand Junction highlighting Robertson's endorsement of the initiative. We hope you'll use the buttons below to share the billboard with friends and family — then sign up on the right to join our campaign!

My comment:I hate this. I do not ever want to be on the same side as this man. His moral compass is so far off, it's scary. I want marijuana legalized but I'm not getting in bed with evil to make it happen.

Posters response: Sound like the worst fundamentalist, Ms Judy. Wars are justified with such attitudes. What has he done that is so unforgivable for you? Murdered your child? You tax dollars have paid for many child murders.


Refusing to be "proud" that a man whom I have contempt for is willing to finally admit marijuana shouldn't be treated differently than alcohol makes me a fundamentalist in this persons eyes.

Wow. Just wow.

What has he done that is so unforgivable?

He has a television forum that he uses to verbally attack  - I can't even come up with a general word for those he attacks - it's too random.

I could spend a lot of time on links, etc. But I'll just give you this one. 

If you go there you will find quotes where he attacks and or condemns:

-the separation of church and state
-Planned Parenthood
-gay people
-Hindus, Muslims, Episcopaleans, Methodists, Presbytarians

And I'm supposed to be PROUD because this man would vote to regulate marijuana?

He's going to have to do a hell of a lot more than that to make me proud of him.

The poster states: Wars are justified with such attitudes.

IMHO men like this one who would obviously like to oppress anyone who disagrees with them are the ones most likely to start wars and we should watch them vigilantly - not align ourselves with them. I'm not saying censure him or take him off of tv. But to be PROUD that he is - is what - on our side, as it were - I don't think so.

The poster states: (Has he) Murdered your child?

No, he hasn't. And that would be heinous. But it is not the only evil thing he can do. I do not live in a world where the only evil committed is the murder of children.

Using your public forum to attempt to make life more difficult for various groups of people you disagree with is evil. Using your public forum to try to rewrite history and remove our constitution-given protection of the separation of church and state is evil.

Many things are evil.

Lastly the poster states: Your tax dollars have paid for many child murders.

What is the meaning of this statement? I forgive my government which has murdered children so I should forgive Pat Robertson who hasn't?

Uh - I don't forgive my government for murdering children.

And I don't need to forgive Pat Robertson. He doesn't want or need my forgiveness.


To all my regular readers - don't fret. I will be back with the usual silliness on Tuesday. Hope you have fun this weekend. I plan to.

Editted to add - if you post a comment and I don't respond right away - it's because I'm out of town until Sunday.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breaking news (depending on your prospective, of course)

The big July 17 vote to decide if the backwards county I live in would remain dry (no liquor sales) is over. The yahoos have voted to remain dry. No surprise in a place where churches outnumber all other business combined. And not the cool churches where they drink wine. No, catholics are looked at with suspicion here as if they were people of color or gay people. In case you're new to reading this blog, I don't find any of those groups of people suspicious; I'm talking about your average jane or joe from this county and a couple of the surrounding counties.

Do I sound bitter? Well, I'm not really. The next county over decided to go wet. That means I will only have to drive 20 minutes on the rare ocassions when I decide a beer or a bottle of sangria would be nice. Formerly the drive was an hour or more.

If you want to read more about this I wrote a longer blogpost about it here .

I see a pitcher of margaritas in my future. What about you?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Romance Novel: The Great Escape, Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Blame it on Susan

This is not going to be much of a blogpost. And if you want to blame someone for that you can blame that, that, that, that incredible writer, Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

It's 4 am and I just finished reading The Great Escape. Of course, once I started it I couldn't put it down. Yes, it is that good.

So now I'm going to sleep and then I'm going to wake up and reread it. Thanks goodness tomorrow today is my day off.

^%&**&%^Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Paranormal Romance Novel: A Gift of Ghosts, Author: Sarah Wynde

Oftentimes when I talk about a book that’s new (at least to me) by an author that’s new (at least to me), y’all give me trouble about your tbr piles.

I’m going to nip that in the bud here before I even tell you the name of the book.


Sweet-Sexy-NERDY-Seduction Scene--Complete with science-y words and concepts.

I’m telling you – you’re going to love it.

It being a paranormal romance entitled A Gift Of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde.


Akira sees ghosts: 

“Okay so he was a ghost…He looked like a kindly grandpa. Not her kindly grandpa—she’d never met any of her grandparents—but like a television version of a kindly grandpa, with white hair and laugh lines and a little more belly than had probably been good for him.”  A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde 

She moves to a town in Florida that’s a little unusual:

“In Tassamara, believing in six impossible things before breakfast is taken for granted.” A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde

To work for a family-owned company where both the company and the family are a little eccentric:

“She’d tried to research the company from California, but it was almost invisible. Oh, it had a web site, a completely unrevealing web site. The copywriter who wrote the text had been a master of saying nothing in many, many words. Apart from that, the name was too generic. The phrase“general directions” had 14 million hits on Google, most of them maps. Akira had deduced that the company was privately owned, but that was about as far as she’d gotten.” A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde

Zane Latimer interviewed and hired her:

“…he was insanely cute, she admitted to herself. That messy hair, the grin, the casual ease in the way he moved? And then there was the sweet way he’d taken care of her injuries, his careful touch and concern. She wondered what he’d be like in bed, whether he was one of those guys that was all about the final moments or whether he was playful and lingering…” A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde

He was her boss – sort of:

““I bought you a very nice digital oscilloscope, and I took the money for it out of Smithson’s budget,” Zane continued. “If you don’t show up tomorrow and play with it, he’ll get annoyed, and that’s never fun. Grace will yell at me—it’ll be a whole messy thing.” He grinned at her and it was such a comforting smile that it almost felt like he’d rubbed a consoling hand along her back.”” A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde


The book is a fun, easy-to-read love story with a good plot that includes some suspense. The characters are well developed and lovable, including most of the ghosts.

And, as I said earlier -  Sweet-Sexy-NERDY-Seduction Scene--Complete with science-y words and concepts.

Sarah has another book out that I haven’t read yet, but I plan to. A Gift of Thought by Sarah Wynde appears to only be available as an ebook for now. A Gift of Ghosts by Sarah Wynde is available as an ebook and a paperback.


You’re welcome, dear readers, you’re welcome. And after you've read it allow me to say - I told you so!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pro alcohol, Anti Dry County, Anti Legislating Morality

Cyber issues and a morality question

I'm having some bizarre computer issues both hardware and software so I don't know how interactive I'll be until they are resolved.


Now for the morality question - where do you stand on legislating morality? Right or wrong? Effective or ineffective?

Currently I live in a dry county. For those of you who don't know, that means you can't sell booze of any kind here. The dryness of the county is about to be put to a vote.

Financial issues aside - and there are some - mostly in favor of making the county wet despite the misinformation all the numerous churches* want to spread - I want to talk about the morality issues.

Keeping this discussion limited to consenting adults only - I do NOT believe it is either moral or effective to legislate morality when there is no victim involved.

When I use the term victim, I mean a person who has been the victim of force; someone who has been murdered or raped. I do not mean a person who has been given a choice and made a choice that is possibly not the best choice for that person or their loved ones.

I am a consenting adult. I would like to be able to purchase a Newcastle Brown Ale from another consenting adult without driving an hour to the next county to buy it.

What gives anyone the right to refuse me that option?

But what about the people who drink to access? What about the people who drink and drive?

If you are going to remove alcohol so that people can not drink and drive or drink to access; then you also need to remove guns and knives and anything that one person could use to murder or harm themselves or someone else.

We do not take someone off the streets because we suspect that they are going to murder someone. We take them off the streets after they have already done it or after they have committed some other crime.

The same should apply for alcohol. The consequences of excessive drinking or drunk driving need to be dealt with after the fact, not before.


I can already hear people screaming; "if that's true of alcohol, what about heroin; prostitution?" I'm sorry but if those things involve consenting adults and there is no force involved, the same reasoning is true.

"But what if my child gets a hold of heroin? Becomes a prostitute? Drinks to excess?"

I think it comes down to this - do you want to live in a world where adults can not do anything that is not safe for children? I don't.


And all you people who are going to push bible stuff at me, don't bother. That book you are so fond of, teaches a thing called FREE WILL. And if you are attempting to legislate the choices away from people who were given those choices by that god you profess to worship - you are attempting to usurp god's authority.

Who are you to do that?


*I could not find an accurate number of churches in Marshall County because on every list I read, I knew of churches not listed. I would estimate there are 100+ churches in a county that is 305 square miles. That's over 100 businesses that don't have to pay taxes. That, IMHO, is morally wrong in a county where destitute poverty is the rule for children, not the exception.

(All pics were taken from bing images and made into thumbnails for legal purposes.)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Poetry, Cinquain, Modern Gothic Romance Novels, Erotica short story: Making Mina, Author: Tacie Graves

Thwart-ed, synchronicity-ed & poet-ed

Today I have been successfully thwarted. I have experienced instances of synchronicity. I have written a poem for the first time in a couple of years.

<> <> <>
I think I've mentioned on here before that I have decided to write another modern gothic romance novel. I am frustrated and don't have the patience to go back and check at the moment so if I haven't mentioned it, I'm sorry - but now you know.

From this point on in order to not make everyone, including myself, crazy, I'm going to refer to the genre as 'mgrn'.

<> <> <>
I started off the day eager to write the main characters backstory. I was musing to myself that unlike other genres, backstory usually becomes an important part of the story with mgrn. Mainly because there are often familial ghosts.

I was poised to write the backstory and I realized, I need a family tree for both the heroine and her love interest. So I backed away from the writing to find a free family tree template that would work. I found it.

Then, of course, the printer thwarted me.

Half an hour later the printer worked. Then I couldn't fill in the blanks because I don't have everyone's name figured out.

I worked on the names for a bit then I decided, screw this. I know the first name of the heroine, Mimi. That's enough to start.

<> <> <>

Edited later to add: One synchronous moment came when I was on the way to work. I decided to listen to the radio and be very alert for any possible names. Mimi's middle name needs to be similar to Cruz. A Counting Crows song came on. I thought - Mimi Crows Berkhorn. Literally seconds later I spotted a crow on the side of the road. Then two more. Three crows. Mimi has a middle name.

For some reason I decided a picture of my placeholder was essential at this point. I had decided to use the singer Jewel. So I went into bing pics. More minutes later I had to admit, Jewel was not the look I wanted after all. Dammit.

By this time, it's time for a writers sprint with my willwriteforchocolate group and I'm not ready to write.

As I'm stewing about that, a friend called. This dear friend is really being thwarted from all different directions in her life. And I feel for her. Bless her heart. I witness her frustration and I wish I could help her but, at least I can listen. I love you, BZ.

<> <> <>

Soon I've fooled the day away and it's time to go to work but I'm not unhappy because I know, Thursdays are never busy and I'll be able to write at work. I wasn't counting on Sod's Law. Do you know Sod's Law? "bad fortune will be tailored to the individual" That's according to wikipedia.

Here at work the phones have been mostly busy until just now. Thwarting me.

<> <> <>
I did manage to get a couple of things done. I know the heroine is a poet. Her deceased parents were sought after poets in free-form style. She tried to rebel by refusing to write. That didn't work. So she switched her rebellion to writing prose. That didn't work. She began to rebel by writing structured poetry. Now she's an adult and not rebelling but the structured poetry is a part of her.

I found an oh-so-cool form of poetry, cinquain, and in an instance of synchronicity, I had already planned a character with the same name, Adelaide, as the founder of the poetry, Adelaide Crapsey.

<> <> <>

The heroine will not write dreamy sweet poetry. She will write raw, sometimes brutal, truthful, sometimes clever or even diabolical poetry.

Lie Exposed #51

Crime pays.
If you doubt it,
trace the activities
of a white collar criminal.
Then run.

What do you think?

There's one more majorly thwarting thing but I'll leave that for another time.

In other more happy news - if you like erotica check out Making Mina by Tacie Graves. As Betty Fokker put it, it will preheat your oven nicely. More synchronicity involved here. I encountered it on Fokker's blog and then I discovered it's written by someone in willwriteforchocolate!

(And don't be ragging me about your tbr pile because it's a short story, 8500 words only - so there.;P)

<> <> <>

(All pics were taken from bing images and made into thumbnails for legal purposes.)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Romance Novel: Just Breathe, Author: Susan Wiggs

Cover vs content

I'm late A.G.A.I.N. However, I think I'll change things. No more deadline for having a post up. It will go up on Tuesday and Friday but sometimes it may be later. Why? Cause I seem to be wanting to write it at the last minute lately and that's okay.

I finished reading Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs.

Isn't that a great cover? It's also a great book. Guess what? IMHO The cover has absolutely nothing to do with the book. I'm not even sure which character the cover is supposed to be depicting. Oh well. You can judge a book by it's cover in the sense that great cover, great book but you can't judge the contents. Er wait...the contents are great, too.

 This is the first of her books that I've read and I liked it. So much so that I'm starting another one.

As you can see I got these from the library. I will read her backlog there and then put her on my buy list from now on.


The story isn't a simple one. Boy and girl are married. Boy recovers from cancer. While girl is trying to get pregnant boy has an affair. And that's just the backstory.

"She picked up another and threw it. Take that. And that. One after another, she hurled the eggs, and when she ran out, she moved on to the lemons and oranges and potatoes. With every throw, the poison ebbed as though sucked out to sea." Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs


The characters are well developed and likable. They're not perfect. Both heroine, cartooinst Sarah Moon, and love interest, firefighter Will Bonner, have family drama to overcome and arcing to do. You want them to win. You cheer them on.

"She slugged his arm, and then they ambled along in companionable silence. She and Will were  not dating. That would be insanity and they both knew it. They called each other, though. They went for long walks on the beach at sunset. They had dinner together and sometimes there were candles involved. But they were definitely not dating." Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs


The setting is a world that you're happy to live in long enough to finish the book and sorry to leave when it's done.

"There was a picnic in Town Park, races on Children's Beach and a sailing regatta across the bay. The fishing fleet strung twinkling lights through the rigging of every boat, and live bands took turns performing all day and into the night." Just Breathe by Susan Wiggs


There's an endearing happily-ever-after that is not the least bit sappy and a short little epilogue that even Jenny Crusie might approve.

I need a year by the ocean to sit and read . How long would it take you to get through your tbr list?