Friday, July 20, 2012

Pro Marijuana, Anti Pat Robertson

In defense of me

Update: To all my lovely readers - thank you for your loyalty. I  would like to let you know that the poster here is a friend of mine. We have a history of agreeing about somethings and disagreeing about others; like this subject. I respect him. I just felt the need to defend myself in this issue.
I'm not asking you to censure yourself. Comment as you see fit. I did want you to know that this isn't a crackpot. He's a friend.

The forum - facebook
The subject - a post of this article

I am going to repost the article here as I can't defend myself without talking about it.
Billboard - Pat Robertson would vote Yes on 64. Will you?
In a March interview in The New York Times, conservative evangelist Pat Robertson said he "absolutely" supports the initiative on the ballot in Colorado that would regulate marijuana like alcohol.
"I really believe we should treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol," Robertson said. "If people can go into a liquor store and buy a bottle of alcohol and drink it at home legally, then why do we say that the use of this other substance is somehow criminal?"
We're proud to announce the unveiling of the above billboard in Grand Junction highlighting Robertson's endorsement of the initiative. We hope you'll use the buttons below to share the billboard with friends and family — then sign up on the right to join our campaign!

My comment:I hate this. I do not ever want to be on the same side as this man. His moral compass is so far off, it's scary. I want marijuana legalized but I'm not getting in bed with evil to make it happen.

Posters response: Sound like the worst fundamentalist, Ms Judy. Wars are justified with such attitudes. What has he done that is so unforgivable for you? Murdered your child? You tax dollars have paid for many child murders.


Refusing to be "proud" that a man whom I have contempt for is willing to finally admit marijuana shouldn't be treated differently than alcohol makes me a fundamentalist in this persons eyes.

Wow. Just wow.

What has he done that is so unforgivable?

He has a television forum that he uses to verbally attack  - I can't even come up with a general word for those he attacks - it's too random.

I could spend a lot of time on links, etc. But I'll just give you this one. 

If you go there you will find quotes where he attacks and or condemns:

-the separation of church and state
-Planned Parenthood
-gay people
-Hindus, Muslims, Episcopaleans, Methodists, Presbytarians

And I'm supposed to be PROUD because this man would vote to regulate marijuana?

He's going to have to do a hell of a lot more than that to make me proud of him.

The poster states: Wars are justified with such attitudes.

IMHO men like this one who would obviously like to oppress anyone who disagrees with them are the ones most likely to start wars and we should watch them vigilantly - not align ourselves with them. I'm not saying censure him or take him off of tv. But to be PROUD that he is - is what - on our side, as it were - I don't think so.

The poster states: (Has he) Murdered your child?

No, he hasn't. And that would be heinous. But it is not the only evil thing he can do. I do not live in a world where the only evil committed is the murder of children.

Using your public forum to attempt to make life more difficult for various groups of people you disagree with is evil. Using your public forum to try to rewrite history and remove our constitution-given protection of the separation of church and state is evil.

Many things are evil.

Lastly the poster states: Your tax dollars have paid for many child murders.

What is the meaning of this statement? I forgive my government which has murdered children so I should forgive Pat Robertson who hasn't?

Uh - I don't forgive my government for murdering children.

And I don't need to forgive Pat Robertson. He doesn't want or need my forgiveness.


To all my regular readers - don't fret. I will be back with the usual silliness on Tuesday. Hope you have fun this weekend. I plan to.

Editted to add - if you post a comment and I don't respond right away - it's because I'm out of town until Sunday.


  1. Oh for the LOVE. Has discourse in the US come to this?? If Robertson had a change of heart, was now a progressive Christian, asked for forgiveness for all the things he's said about gays, feminists etc, and THEN you were all "Fuck you buddy!" Well okay. Maybe then I could say that you're being too hardline, that forgiveness and mercy are important qualities for keeping society together.

    But he's just supporting marijuana, for heaven's sake. Big fucking deal. I mean, I get it, they want to leverage this against right wingers or whatever. It's a political move. But I agree with you, it's not something I'd want to post on my page and promote! Who gives a flying fuck? If he was supporting gay marriage, well then I might be interested. But marijuana? Good. Lord.

  2. Maybe you should close your comments to only close friends. And Betties. This guy doesn't sound like he is either and probably is a douche bag on other FB comments as well. A troll, y'know?

    I agree with you.

  3. What you said. The small and petty part of me finds it so disappointing when I find that someone I vehemently disagree with has some viewpoint in common with me. It's so much easier just to hate them completely than to find some redeemable quality. But ou are so not wrong in your response.

  4. " this isn't a crackpot. He's a friend."

    lol Come on, some of my best friends are crackpots!

  5. lol true dat! being at a family reunion i'll say some of my best friends AND family are crackpots!